New Submittal: Preset Styles & Cover Pages

*Note: New Submittal feature is in Preview and you must enable the feature individually.

This article details and shows examples of preset styles and templates for:


The New Submittal feature has preset header and footer styles. Please see below for available header and footer styles in Reports. Reports default to the last styles you used. 

Header Style 1

Reports only have one header style option. You must use this option in your report. Reports Header Style 1 includes:

  • Report Name 
  • Project Number 
  • Project Name
Reports heading style one showing report name on left header and project number and name on right header
Image 1: Reports Header Style 1 Example

Footer Style 1

Report Footer Style 1 includes:

  • Date and Time
  • Page Number
Reports footer style one showing date and time on left footer and page number on right footer
Image 2: Reports Footer Style 1 Example

Footer Style 2

Report Footer Style 2 includes the same information as Report Footer Style 1 but in different locations.

Reports footer style one showing page number on left footer and date and time on right footer
Image 3: Reports Footer Style 2 Example

Footer Style None

Selecting None leaves the report footer blank. 

Header & Footer Notes 

Certain reports have a Header Note and Footer Note feature. Each note is:

  • Bold font 
  • Center-aligned

*Note: The Footer Note will not appear if you select Footer Style None.

Reports header and footer notes showing both notes centered and bold
Image 4: Reports Header & Footer Note Example


Submittal has preset styles for:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Cover Page

Each of the style options are in the top pane of the Submittal window. The Header and Footer Style applies to each page of a submittal. Submittal preferences default to the last styles you used. 

Header Style 1

Submittal Header Style 1 includes:

  • Project Name 
  • Project Number 
Submittal header style one showing project name and project number on the left header
Image 5: Submittal Header Style 1 Example

Header Style 2

Submittal Header Style 2 includes:

  • Project Name 
  • Project Number 
  • Date and Time 
  • Page Number 
Submittal header style two showing the project name and number on left header and date, time, and page number on right header
Image 6: Submittal Header Style 2 Example

Footer 1 & 2

Submittal has the same footers as Reports.

Header & Footer Style None

Selecting None leaves the submittal header or footer blank.

Cover Pages

Comsense has two preset cover page templates. The templates are the same by default except for the titles. The preset option values include:

  • Division 
  • Contact Information 
  • Project Name 
  • Project Number
  • Submittal Title
  • Date 
  • Architect 
  • Contractor 
  • Detailed by





 You can update the cover page templates using the steps in Creating & Updating Templates

Submittal cover page showing the layout Division and contact informatoin at the top; The project title, project code, and submittal title centered in the middle; Custom values under the submittal title.
Image 7: Submittal Cover Page Template
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