New Submittal: Creating Submittals

*Note: New Submittal feature is in Preview and you must enable the feature individually.

Task: Create a submittal in the detailing stage of your project.

Environment: Comsense Advantage

This article demonstrates how to:

Accessing Submittals

To access submittals in the left-hand Navigation menu: 

Advantage > Detailing > Submittal

Left hand navigation menu; shows the location of submittal.
Image 1: Advantage Left-Hand Navigation Menu

The Submittal window launches the last project open in Detailing Projects. To open a different project, select a project using the steps in Creating & Previewing Reports

Adding & Removing Reports

The submittal feature allows you to include specific reports in your submittal. The report list is on the left side of the Submittal window.

Adding Reports

In the Available Reports pane:

  1. Find the report
  2. Click Add 
    • The report will move to the Selected Reports pane
Report Selection pane;shows location of the add button.
Image 2: Available Reports Pane
  1. Repeat steps 1-2 with all required reports 

The reports are now in your submittal.

Removing Reports

In the Selected Report pane:

  1. Find the report
  2. Click Remove 
    • The report will move back to the Available Reports pane
Selected Reports pane; shows location of the remove button.
Image 3: Selected Reports Pane

The report is no longer in your submittal. 

Sorting Reports

The default organization is the order you add the reports.

To sort the reports, in the Available Reports pane:

  1. Click and drag the button to the left of the remove button
    • There will be a selection box at the bottom of your cursor indicating you are moving the report
Selected Report pane; shows location of drag and drop sorting button.
Image 4: Drag & Drop Button
  1. Drop the report in the appropriate placement 

The reports are now in the appropriate order.

Customizing Reports & Formatting Your Submittal

The submittal feature allows you to customize your reports within the Submittal window. Every report has the Page Break preference. Reports with more than one preference selection have a:

  • + button
    • Expands the preference list
  • - button
    • Minimizes the preference list

Customizing Reports

To customize a report within a submittal, in the Selected Reports pane:

  1. Find the report 
  2. Click the + button
    • The report preferences will expand
Image 5: Report Preference List
  1. Select the appropriate value for each parameter
  2. Sort any lists in the reports using the steps in Creating & Previewing Reports

Formatting your Submittal

The submittal formatting preferences apply to all of the reports in your submittal. You can find the submittal preferences at the top of the submittal window. The submittal formatting includes:

  • Page layout
  • Cover page templates 

To customize your submittal formatting, in the preference pane:

  1. Select your submittal formatting preferences
  2. Export your submittal using an export method from Creating & Previewing Reports

You now have a custom submittal.

*Note: Submittal customizations do not save.

Submittal window showing the location of the preference pane
Image 6: Submittal Preference Pane

Using Templates

Comsense has two preset submittal templates:

  • Hardware (Hdw Submittal)
  • Door Frame (DF Submittal)

Each template uses the most common reports and standard document formatting for each submittal type. You can update the preset templates or create a new template using the steps in Creating & Updating Templates.

To create a submittal using a template, in the top toolbar:

  1. Click Template
    • A drop-down menu will open
  2. Select a submittal template 
    • The submittal contents list will update 
  3. Update any necessary preferences using Customizing Reports & Submittal Formatting
  4. Export your submittal using an export method from Creating & Previewing Reports

Your submittal is now complete.

*Note: Customizations do not save in Comsense for your next submittal.

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