New Submittal: Setting-Up the Feature

*Note: New Submittal feature is in Preview and you must enable the feature individually.

Task: Setting-up the new submittal feature.

Purpose: Comsense's new Submittal feature makes creating a submittal easier and faster. The feature is currently optional in preview and is set-up on a user by user basis. The new Submittal feature allows you to:

  • Preview reports
  • Create custom submittals and submittal templates
  • Use and update preset submittal templates
  • Use and update preset submittal cover pages  

Environment: System Administration

This article demonstrates how to set-up the new submittal feature.

Setting-up the New Submittal Feature

To set-up the New Submittal Feature, in Advantage menu bar:

  1. Click Tools
    • The Tools drop-down menu will expand
  2. Click User Preferences
    • The User Preferences window will open
Comsense Advantage menu bar showing the user preference selection
Image 1: Advantage Menu Bar

Next to Use New Submittal:

  1. Select Yes
  2. Click OK
User Preferences Window showing the New Submittal selection
Image 2: User Preferences Window

The new Submittal Feature is now set-up for:

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