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KD Borrowed Lites

Ceco KD borrowed lites are built in the Frame Quick Takeoff window using DESC type "BL". Those products have an opening width (rabbet to rabbet) limit of 72" and a height limit of 72".

KD borrowed lite components are also available in Enterprise for inventory purposes. DESC value "BLHD" is the horizontal section and DESC value "BLVS" is the vertical section. 

A60S Stick Material

To build nomenclature consistency, we have marked the A60S MATL attribute as OBSOLETE and instead support stick material with the A60 attribute. This means the A60S attribute is no longer visible on projects or orders where that attribute was not previously used.

However, this MATL Attribute is still usable for inventoried products and will always price to match the A60 version of the product going forward.

Users can leave A60S managed products untouched and continue to expect updated pricing on those products.

However, there may be instances when sourcing where the A60 component needs to be alternate-sourced from the A60S variant from Managed Products.

Alternatively, a Product Count can be used to migrate the products from A60S to A60.

THROAT Standard Group in Preps

As our jamb depth attributes can only be assigned one throat size per jamb depth regardless of frame series, there are occasions where a throat depth other than the Comsense-specified one may be required, even for otherwise standard frame profiles.

For example, the Ceco SU series has a throat dimension of 4-7/8" for 5-3/4" jamb depth due to 7/16" backbends, while all other series -- including other S series frame profiles -- have 1/2" backbends, and therefore 4-3/4" throats. All of these frames are standard profile, not custom.

To accommodate this, please specify a no-charge prep from the THROAT Standard Group to indicate a throat size other than the automated one provided by the catalog database.

Applying these preps will also modify the throat size values in frame submittals.


Building Pocket Door Frames 

Example of how to build pocket door frames in the frame takeoff window. The list add is applied to the two Profile's available, CCP and CQP



Double Egress Frame Series

In order to preserve ongoing project work and any inventory, the attribute values for double egress frame profiles will continue to be "DE1" and "DE2" within the dropdown menus of Advantage and Enterprise. 

However, the new values ("SE1" and "SE2") appear on purchase orders.

If users would prefer to see "SE1" and "SE2" in the fully configured Product Description, they can modify the Imperial and Metric Descriptions of the attributes via Advantage>Catalog Maint.>MFG Attrib., then choose the Catalog Attribute Description tab, search for the DE1 and DE2 PROF attributes, and modify the Imperial and Metric Description values.


Estimating Lead Line Borrowed Lites

This method can be used for other special conditions as well. 



Maintain Net Cost/Sell on Spec. Frames (KD or  Weld)



Series and Short Desc Attributes as Profiles

Ceco uses Series and component "DESC" attributes to define frame component profiles. For example, Series "SU" is stick material that is unequal rabbet, while "SC" is cased open stick material.

Elevations with Non-Matched Attributes

For help on how to build elevations with conflicting or non-matched attributes, please visit our Help Centre article, "Building an Elevation with Two Different Series or Profiles."


Hurricane Pressure Rating

Regarding the HUL/50 pressure rating for doors, Ceco has confirmed they do not offer a HUL/50 PSF door label. This 50 PSF label is applied to the frame only. The door will carry a 60 PSF label, but the assembly will be rated at the minimal value of 50 PSF. 

This Certification is for the following condition:
Water Infiltration: Single outswing and standard outswing pairs of frames in masonry, block, welded to
building structure, or drywall. Tested to ASTM E331 in accordance with Florida TAS 202, single swing
doors achieved ±50 psf design pressure and pairs achieved ±60 psf design pressure. Maximum door
opening size 4’0” x 8’0” single and 8’0 x 8’0 pair. Rim exit required for pairs with hardware mullion. Any
approved locking/exit hardware (for single doors) may be used in a pair with hollow metal mullion (10
gauge “I” beam reinforcement required in hollow metal mullion). See Illustrations 6B and 6C for Weather
Strip installation instructions for location and installation of seals, rain drip, and threshold."


Magnetic switch preps

Short Desc (Short codes)
EOD = Edge Of Door
TOD = Top Of Door

Hole Only Preps
MAG_SW_EOD = Magnetic Switch Prep Hole Only EOD (Hole only in edge of door)
MAG_SW_TOD = Magnetic Switch Prep Hole Only TOD (Hole only in top of door)

Example Hole Only Prep

Mortised Preps

MORT_MAG_SW_EOD = Mortised Magnetic Switch Prep Hole Only EOD
MORT_MAG_SW_EOD = Mortised Magnetic Switch Prep Hole Only EOD
Example Mortised Prep

PO EXAMPLES - Hole Only & Mortised Magnetic Switches




Lite Kits

Windstorm Design Pressure

The following options are to determine the lite kit and glass type for the required Design Pressure. You must select the required kit from one of the tables shown below.

Ceco does not provide glass for windstorm products. All Glasslam Plus II and Makrolon Polycarbonate glass is provided by others. Prep will indicate GLASS BY OTHERS.

 Any preps that are call for pricing will make the complete product display a $0.00 cost. In the costing window clicking on the Review Component Pricing will display the list price and any discounts that have been applied and the item that is factory priced will have a $0.00 list. Select all required construction codes and labels from this window. 

Design Pressure Construction Codes for Hurricane Lites & Glass


Review Component Pricing Window


LITES-Windstorm Table
Select the lite kit that matches the code in the Design Pressure Window


When a display is too small to read you can open it in a new window by right clicking on the section that you want to enlarge and selecting Open image in new tab

Section of the enlarged screen shot opened in a new tab. You will be able to view the entire section at the display level shown below..


Sample PO of Type 1 kits and Type 2 kits (similar) Another for 4800 series kits

In Glass Trim Louver column the 'W' represents the Width of visible glass and the 'H' represents the height of visible glass. The lite kit type is listed below the size and also indicates the door type 'G'. Other important Windstorm information will print in special instructions.



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