Supplier Return Procedure

Task: Return product from the pool or stock to the supplier.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

Resolution: Create a new supplier return and process a new payable using the procedure below.

This article demonstrates how to:

Accessing Supplier Return 

Enterprise > Inventory/Purchasing Supplier Return

 Left-hand navigation menu showing the location of supplier return
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

You are now ready to create a new supplier return.

Creating a New Supplier Return

To create a new supplier return in the top toolbar:

Warehouse Find Window showing warehouse selection.
Image 2: Warehouse Find Window
  1. Click Open

 Your warehouse data is now in the Warehouse field.

Selecting a Supplier 

In the Supplier Return window's Supplier field:

  1. Click the Magnifying Glass
    • The Find window will open
Supplier return window showing the location of the supplier search field.
Image 3: Supplier Field
  1. Search the suppliers using the methods in Selecting a Warehouse 
  2. Select the appropriate supplier 
  3. Click Open
    • The Supplier and Remit To field will populate

Your supplier data is now in the supplier field.

Adding Return Items 

In the bottom pane of the supplier return window:

  1. Right-click on the empty space 
  2. Select either:
    1. Add Managed Products
    2. Add Pooled Items
Supplier return window showing the right-click menu options
Image 4: Supplier Return Right-Click Menu

In the Managed Product or Pooled Product Picker window:

  1. Select the appropriate items 
  2. Click Add
    • The selected item(s) will move to the bottom pane
Managed product window showing the location of line items and the add button.
Image 5: Return Items in Managed Product Window
  1. Click OK
    • The items will appear in the bottom pane of the Supplier Return window

*Note: Add All moves all items (including unselected items) to the bottom pane.

You are now ready to update the fields of your return line items.

Updating Return Line Item Fields

In the bottom pane of the Supplier Return window:

  1. Click + next to the line item(s)
    • The line item(s) will expand
Supplier return window showing the location of the button to expand line items.
Image 6: Supplier Return Line Items
  1. Fill in the quantity to return under Qty Returned column
    • This quantity will appear in the Qty From Pool or Qty From Stock column
  2. Fill in the Expected Unit Credit field
    • This is the amount of money you receive for the return
  3. Type a note under the Note column 
Supplier return windowing show the location of the fields that require updating.
Image 7: Supplier Return Line Item Required Fields
  1. Click Save

You are now ready to export your request for supplier returns.

Exporting a Request for Product Return

In the Supplier Return window top toolbar:

  1.  Click Print
    • The Generate Report window will open
Generate Report Window for supplier return.
Image 8: Generate Report Window
  1. Select any preferences in the Parameters pane

In the top toolbar:

  1. Select an export method
Example of Request for Product Return Report.
Image 9: Request for Product Return Report

 You now have a request for Product Return.

Releasing the Supplier Return

Once you receive the Return Goods Authorization (RGA), you can send your items back to the supplier. Setting the supplier return status to Released means your return is in transit. 

In Enterprise:

  1. Access Supplier Return

In the top toolbar:

  1. Click Open
    • The Find window will open
  2. Select your supplier return
  3. Click Open

In the status field drop-down menu:

  1. Select Released
Supplier return window showing the location of the status.
Image 10: Released Status Supplier Return
  1. Click Save
  2. Export the package return label 
Example of Product Return Report
Image 11: Product Return Report

Your Return is now released. 

After releasing the supplier return, you need to Create a Payable for a Supplier Return.

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