Projects: Adjusting Sales Tax After Invoicing

Issue: You accidentally invoice a project or cost group with the incorrect sales tax.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise and Advantage

Resolution: Create a new invoice crediting the entire cost group or project, update the sales taxes, and reinvoice the project using the procedure below.

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Accessing Invoicing

Enterprise > Receivables/Invoicing > Invoicing

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Enterprise left-hand navigation menu; shows location of Invoicing window.
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

You are now ready to create a new invoice.

Creating a New Invoice

You cannot reverse an invoice. To correct an invoicing error you must create a new invoice crediting the total amount previously invoiced. In the Invoicing Wizard, do not select Progress Billing Only or add any Shipments, Purchase Orders, or Stock Requisitions.

In the Invoice window:

  1. Click New
    • The Invoicing Wizard will open
  2. Search your Project by either:
    1. Project code
      • Enter the project code and Press Tab
    2. Find window
      • Click the Magnifying Glass Icon and Search in the Find window
  3. Click Next until you reach the end of the wizard
  4. Click Finish
    • The Invoice window will populate
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Invoice window populated for a new invoice.
Image 2: New Invoice Window

You are now ready to credit or add sales tax on your invoice.

Crediting the Project or Cost Group

In the Invoice window:

  1. Click the Project Billing tab
  2. Find the appropriate Original/Change Order 

Under the Actual Billing column:

  1. Credit the amount from Previous Billed
    • Balance To Bill will update 
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Invoice window showing the location of previously billed, actual billing, and balance to bill.
Image 3: New Invoice Billing Fields
  1. Click Save & Close

Your invoice is now credited.

Updating Taxes in Advantage

Before you reinvoice the project, you must update the taxes in the Pricing window of Advantage. See Updating Taxes in Advantage.

Reinvoicing the Project 

After updating the taxes in advantage you reinvoice the project in Enterprise. 

  1. Create a new invoice
  2. Click the Project Billing tab
  3. Find the appropriate Original/Change Order
  4. Type the billing amount in the Actual Billing column 
    • The Taxable Amount Column will update
    • The Tax Total in the bottom pane will populate the tax amount
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Invoice window showing the tax fields after they are updated.
Image 4: New Invoice Window with Taxes Included
  1. Click Save

To export the invoice:

  1. Click Print
  2. Select the export method
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Example of new invoice including tax.
Image 5: Invoice Report Including Sales Tax

Your project or cost group now has the correct sales tax.

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