Processing a Payable for a Supplier Return

How to: Process a new payable after releasing a supplier return.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

*Note: You need the supplier return number to process the new payable.

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Accessing Payables

In Enterprise left-hand Navigation menu:

  1. Click Payables
    • The Payables menu will expand 
  2. Click Payable
    • The Payable window will open
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Comsense Enterprise showing the navigation menu, payable window, and payable window top toolbar.
Image 1: Payable Window

Processing a New Payable

In the Payable window top toolbar:

  1. Click New
    • A drop-down menu will open 
  2. Click For Supplier Return
    • The Supplier Return Find window will open
  3. Select the appropriate supplier return 
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Supplier Return Find Window.
Image 2: Supplier Return Find Window
  1. Click Open
    • The Payable window will populate

You are now ready to input the invoice amount.

Inputting the Invoice Information

In the Payable window:

  1. Input:
    1. Invoice number
    2. Invoice amount
      • This amount must be negative
    3. Invoice date
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Payable Window showing the fields to fill in.
Image 3: Payable Window Fields
  1. Press Tab
    • Balance To Distribute field should update to 0.00
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Payable window showing a negative invoice amount and Balance To Disitribute amount at zero
Image 4: Invoice Amount & Balance To Distribute Amount

*Note: If the Balance To Distribute does not update to 0.00, you must update the Payable Unit Credit.

In the top toolbar:

  1. Click Release
    • The Status field will update to Released
    • The Journal Date will update to the current date

Your supplier return is complete.

Updating the Payable Unit Credit

The Balance To Distribute field must amount to 0.00 after you input the invoice amount. 

In the Supplier Return tab of the Payable window:

  1. Click + next to the line items
    • The Stock or Pool columns will expand
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Payable window showing the location of the plus button and Stock columns.
Image 5: Expanded Supplier Return Items

Under the Payable Units Credit column:

  1. Update the credit amount(s) to match the invoice
    • The Balance To Distribute field will update to 0
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Payable window showing the the updated payable unit credit amouont and balance to distribute.
Image 6: Updated Payable Unit Credit Fields

You are now ready to release the new payable.

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