Sales Order: Customer Return

Scenario: A customer returns a product from a completed sales order.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

This article demonstrates how to:

Accessing Customer Return

In the Enterprise left-hand Navigation menu:

  1. Click Order Entry
    • The Order Entry menu will expand
Enterprise left-hand Navigation menu showing the location of Order Entry and Customer Return.
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu
  1. Click Customer Return
    • The Customer Return window will open

 You are now ready to create a new customer return.

Creating a New Customer Return

*Note: You can only create a customer return on completed shipments.

In the Customer Return top toolbar:

  1. Click New
    • The Customer Return Wizard will open
  2. Click Next
  3. Search for the sales order by either:
    1. Sales order code 
      • Enter the sales order code and Press Tab
    2. Project data
      • Click the Magnifying Glass icon and Search in the Find window
  4. Click Next
    • All items in the sales order will be preselected in the bottom pane
  5. Remove any items that are not on the customer return
 Customer Return Wizard showing the location to remove items from the list of returns.
Image 2: Customer Return Wizard Remove Button
  1. Click Next
  2. Click Finish
    • The Customer Return window will populate with information from your sales order

You are now ready to complete the rest of the information.

Completing Customer Return Information

Adding Notes

In the Note field in the top pane of the Customer Return window:

  1. Add a note detailing the return
    • Customer returns require all Note fields to be complete
  2. Click the Copy icon
    • Your note will copy to each line item
Customer Return window showing the location of the note fields and the copy icon.
Image 3: Customer Return Duplicate Notes

You are now ready to update quantity.

Updating Quantity

In the Sales Order Line Items pane next to the Qty Returned field:

  1. Click the button
    • The Customer Return Openings window will open
Customer Return window showing the location of the Quantity Returned button.
Image 4: Quantity Returned Button
  1. Check the checkbox(es) under the Returned column 
    • Set All Returned checks all line items
    • Set All Not Returned unchecks all line items
  2. Click OK
    • Qty Returned will update to the number of selected line items
  3. Repeat steps 1-3 for all sales order line items

You are now ready to update the remaining line item fields.

Update the Remaining Line Item Fields

*Note: If your restocking charge is percentage, calculate the dollar amount for each item before proceeding. 

On the sales order line items:

  1. Enter the restocking charge
Customer Return window showing the location of the Restocking Charge field.
Image 5: Restocking Charge Field
  1. Select the suggested disposition
  2. Select the warehouse location
Customer Return window showing the location of the Suggested Disposition and Warehouse Location field.
Image 6: Suggested Disposition & Warehouse Location
  1. Check any applicable checkboxes under columns:
    1. Available 
    2. Project Protected
    3. Pickup Required
Customer Return window showing the location of the Available, Project Protected, and Pickup Required checkboxes.
Image 7: Available, Project Protected & Pickup Required Checkboxes

The line item(s) now has all the information to complete a sales order item return. If you are unsure about the meaning of the column headers, please see the table below:

Restocking Charge Charge for restocking the return item in dollar amount
Suggested Disposition   Suggested use of the return item after return
Warehouse Location   Location in the warehouse for the return item
Available   Return item is available for reuse after return
Project Protected   Return item can only be used on the same order
Pickup Required   Item requires pick up from the customer
Table 1: Meaning of the Sales Order Line Items Column Headers

Updating the Customer Return Status

Update the Status field to correspond with your stage in the customer return process. 

Created Temporary status after creating a new customer return
Open Customer requests the return and you generate the pickup slip
Released Return item is back in the warehouse
Completed All return requirements are met and you are ready to complete the invoice
Table 2: Customer Return Statuses

Generating the Customer Return Pickup Slip

In the Customer Return window Status field:

  1. Update the status to Released 
  2. Click Save
  3. Click Print 
    • The Generate Report window will open
Generate Report window.
Image 8: Generate Customer Return Pickup Window
  1. Select any preferences in the Parameter pane 
  2. Select the export method
Example of Customer Return Pickup SLip.
Image 9: Customer Return Pickup Slip

You now have a Customer Return Pickup Slip.

Completing the Customer Return 

In the Customer Return window Status field:

  1. Update the status to Completed
  2. Click Save
    • The Process Customer Return - Work Flow window will open
Process Customer Return Workflow window showing linkes to the customer return window and complete invoice window.
Image 10: Process Customer Return - Work Flow Window

To view the complete invoice:

  1. Click Complete Invoice #
    • The Read-Only Invoice window will open
Process Customer Return - Work Flow window showing the location of the Complete Invoice link.
Image 11: Complete Invoice Link
  1. Click Print 
  2. Select your export method
Example of Completed Customer Return Invoice.
Image 12: Customer Return Invoice

Your customer return is now complete.

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