Supplier Purchase on a Credit Card

How to: Prepay for a supplier purchase on a credit card. 

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

Procedure: Create a payable that only includes the supplier purchase amount.

In this article:

  1. Access Payables
  2. Create a New Payable
  3. Fill in the Payable Information

*Note: If you do not have a purchase order (P.O.) for your credit card purchase, Create a Purchase Order and note the P.O. number before proceeding with these steps.

Accessing Payable

Enterprise > Payables > Payable

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Enterprise left-hand navigation menu showing the location of payables.
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Creating a New Payable

In the Payable window top toolbar:

  1. Click New
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Payable window; displays location to select new payable for purchase order.
Image 2: New Payable Drop-Down Menu
  1. Select For Purchase Order
    • The Find window will open
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Find window; displays search bar and purchase order selection.
Image 3: Find Window
  1. Search & Select purchase order
    • The purchase order will only open if the status is at Released
  2. Click Open
    • The Payable window will populate

You are now ready to fill in the payable information.

Filling in Payable Information

In the Payable window:

  1. Fill in the fields using Table 1
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Payable window; displays Invoice Number field, Invoice amount field, Balance to Disitrbute field, Invoice Date field, and Deposit field.
Image 4: Payable Fields

After filling in the Deposit Amount field:

  1. Press Tab
    • Deposit Changed window will open
  2. Click Yes
    • Balance To Distribute will update to 0.00
  3. Click the Save & Release icon
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Image 5: Save and Release

You now have a payable for the supplier purchase.

When you Create a Payable For a Credit Card Statement Balance, do not include the amount from this payable.

Payable Field Details
Invoice Number If there is no invoice number, use an obvious number e.g. the purchase order number
Invoice Amount The amount paid on the credit card for the supplier item(s)
Invoice Date Date of purchase
Deposit Amount The amount paid on the credit card for the supplier item(s)
Table 1: Payable Details for Supplier Purchase on Credit Card
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