Authorizing Suppliers for Pre-Payment

Scenario: You are creating a payable for a deposit or prepayment of a supplier purchase cannot find the Deposit fields. This means the supplier is not authorized to receive deposits or prepayments before providing the product. 

Environment: Comsense Enterprise 

Resolution: Authorize the supplier for pre-payment in System Options.

This article demonstrates how to:

Accessing Supplier 

In the Enterprise left-hand Navigation menu:

  1. Click System Options
    • The System Options menu will expand
Enterprise left-hand Navigation menu; shows the location of supplier.
Image 1:Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu
  1. Click Supplier
    • The Supplier window will open

You are now ready to select the supplier.

Selecting & Updating the Supplier

In the Supplier window:

  1. Select the supplier by either:
    1. Supplier code
      • Enter supplier code and Press Tab
    2. Supplier Search
      • Click Open and Search using supplier information
Find window; shows the location of the search fields, supplier, and Open button.
Image 2: Find Window
  1. Click the Profile tab
  2. Check the Authorized for Pre-payment checkbox
Supplier window; shows the location of Profile tab and Authorized for Pre-payment checkbox.
Image 3: Supplier Window
  1. Click Save & Close

 The supplier is now authorized for pre-payment.

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