Creating a Payable for a Purchase Order

Scenario: You need to create a payable for a purchase order.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise 

This article demonstrates how to:

  1. Access Payable
  2. Create a New Payable
  3. Fill in Payable Information
    1. Vendor Invoice Information
    2. Freight Amount
    3. Excluding the Freight Amount from Discounts
    4. Adding Recoverable Taxes
  4. Update the Payable Status Field

Accessing Payable

In the Enterprise left-hand Navigation menu:

  1. Click Payables
    • The Payable menu will expand
Enterprise Navigation menu showing the location of Payable.
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu
  1. Click Payable

You are now ready to create your new payable.

Creating a New Payable 

In the Payable window top toolbar:

  1. Click New
  2. Select For Receiving
    • The Find window will open
Payable window showing the location to create a new payable for receiving in top left toolbar.
Image 2: New Payable Drop-Down Menu
  1. Search and Select the purchase order by either:
    1. Purchase order list
      • Click Find Now
    2. Purchase order information
      • Enter purchase order information and Click Find Now
  2. Click Open
    • The Payable window will populate

You are now ready to fill in the invoice information for the payable.

Filling in Payable Information

Vendor Invoice Information

In the Payable window fields:

  1. Enter the Vendor Invoice Number
  2. Enter the Vendor Invoice Date
  3. Enter the Vendor Invoice Amount
New payable window showing the location of the invoice data fields.
Image 3: New Payable Invoice Information

You are now ready to enter the freight amount.

Freight Amount

All freight information goes under the Manual Account Distribution tab. To begin entering the freight amount, Click the Manual Account Distribution tab.

Selecting a General Ledger Account

In the fillable line item:

  1. Select the appropriate division 
  2. Click the Select Account button
    • The Find Account window will open
Payable window; displays the location of the account search button in the Manual Account Disitribution tab.
Image 3: Select an Account Button
  1. Search and Select account by:
    1. Account list
      • Click Find Now
    2. General Ledger account information
      • Enter information and Click Find Now
  2. Click Open
Find Account window.
Image 4: Find Account Window

You are now ready to enter the line item information.

Entering Line Item Information

In the fillable line item under the appropriate columns:

  1. Enter the amount 

If this is for a specific job:

  1. Search and Select the order number by:
    1. Order number
      • Enter the order number and Press Tab
    2. Order information
      • Click the Select an Order and Search the order
  2. Select a cost group
    • If you select an order number, you must select a cost group
Payable window; displays filled in order number and cost group.
Image 5: Complete Line Items
  1. Click Save

The payable status will automatically change to Open.

Excluding the Freight Amount from Discounts

Discount Amount, Discount Date, and Discount Due Date automatically populate using the supplier terms that are in the system. If there is a discrepancy between these fields and the invoice, manually update the fields to match.

Filling in the Freight Amount removes the freight total from discount calculations. If the vendor excludes the freight amount from a discount, enter the freight total in the Freight Amount field.

Payable window; displays the location of the frieght amount field.
Image 6: Exclude Freight Amount from Discounts Field

Adding Recoverable Taxes

Only add the tax amount if it is a recoverable tax. Recoverable tax amounts only apply to Canada at this time.

You are now ready to update the payable Status field.

Updating the Payable Status Field

The Balance to Distribute field should be 0.00. If your remaining balance is not 0.00 and you correctly completed all procedures above, Distribute the Remaining Balance before proceeding.

In the Status field:

  1. Select the appropriate status using Table 1 
  2. Click Save

You now have a payable for your purchase order.

Payable Status Stage of Payable Process Prompt Status Change
Created New payable created Click New Automatic
Open Waiting for approval to payout the supplier Click Save Automatic
Released Before check run Manually select from Status drop-down options Manual
Completed Check run is complete  Complete Check Run  Automatic
Deleted Payable not approved or disputing the invoice Only from Open status Manual
Table 1: Payable Statuses
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