Distributing the Remaining Balance on a Purchase Order Payable

Issue: Your purchase order payable has a balance to distribute after entering the total invoice and freight amount information.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

Resolution: Update the payable unit cost for each item on the payable.

Before proceeding with the steps below refer to Purchase Order: Creating a Payable for all the requirements on a payable for a purchase order.

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Correcting the Payable Unit Cost

Payables take the payable unit cost information from the purchase order. If the invoice amounts are different than the purchase order, correct the payable unit costs to match the invoice.

In the Payable Unit Cost column:

  1. Verify the payable unit costs
  2. Enter the correct payable unit costs

The Balance To Distribute should update to 0.00

Distributing the Invoice Amount

If there is still a balance to distribute after you complete the steps above and no additional freight amounts, tax amounts, or discounts to exclude.

You can distribute the invoice amount over each line item's Payable Unit Cost field.

In the Balance To Distribute Field:

  1. Click ...
Click image to enlarge
Payable window; displays the location of the button to distribute invoice amount equally on payable unit costs.
Image 1: Invoice Amount Ellipsis
  1. Click Yes
Click image to enlarge
Distribute invoice amount dialog box.
Image 2: Distribute Invoice Amount Dialog Box 

The balance to distribute is now at 0.00 and you can move forward with your payable.

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