Paying Credit Card via Check Run

Scenario: You need to pay a credit card balance via check run.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

This article demonstrates how to:

Accessing Check Run

In the Enterprise left-hand Navigation Menu

  1. Click Payables
    • The Payables menu will expand
Enterprise left-hand navigation menu; shows the location of Check Run
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu
  1. Select Check Run
    • The Check Run window will open

You are now ready to complete your check run.

Creating a New Check Run

In the Check Run window toolbar:

  1. Click New
    • Bank Account window will open
  2. Select the paying bank account
Bank Account window; shows the list of bank accounts and the Open button.
Image 2: Bank Account Window
  1. Click Open
    • The Payables Picker window will open

Picking Payables for the Check Run

*Note: The credit card payables "Remit To" field must contain the credit card rather than a supplier. See Creating a Payable for a Credit Card Statement Balance for details. 

In the Payable Picker window:

  1. Search for the credit card payables under the Remit To or Remit To Info columns 
Payable Picker window; shows location of the Remit To Info search field and drop-down menu.
Image 3: Remit To Info Search Field
  1. Select the credit card payables
  2. Click Add
    • The Payables will move to the Assigned Payables pane
  3. Click OK
Payable Picker window; shows the location of assigned payables and OK button.
Image 4: Assigned Payables

The Payables selected should equal the total credit card statement. 

Updating Picked Payables

You can update the picked payables if the Funds Required field does not match the credit card statement. 

In the Check Run window:

  1. Right-click the payable line item pane
  2. Select Add/Remove Invoices
    • The Payables Picker window will open
Check Run window; shows the location of Add/Remove invoices on the drop-down menu.
Image 5: Add/Remove Payable

Using the method in Picking Payables for the Check Run:

  1. Add or Remove any payables to reconcile the invoices

After the payable and invoice amounts are reconciled, you are ready to print the checks.

Printing Checks

In the Check Run window Status field:

  1. Select Completed
Check Run window; shows location of Status field and Save & Print icon.
Image 6: Check Run Status Field
  1. Click Save & Print

Your check run is now complete.

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