Determining Unsourcing vs Customer Return

Situation: I sourced product that I no longer require, should I unsource the product or process a customer return?

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

Determining the Your Next Step

You cannot perform both an 'unsourcing' and 'customer return', you must determine one path for the product. The stage of the shipment process determines whether you unsource the product or process a customer return. 

Before shipment & During Shipment

There are two scenarios that require unsourcing.

If the:

  1. Product is not on a shipment, you:
    • Unsource the product
  2. Shipment is not completed, you:
    • Remove the product from the shipment and Unsource the product

After Shipment

Process a customer return on any product where the shipment status is set to Completed. For customer returns on sales orders see Sales Order: Customer Return.

Where Does the Product Go?

Both unsourcing and customer returns move the product to the pool. Once the product is in the pool you can:

  • Move the product Pool to Stock
  • Move the product Pool to Garbage
  • Process a Supplier Return
  • Leave the product in the pool

*Note: If you leave the product in the pool, the cost is still tied to the original sales order or project until another order or project uses the product. 

To remove the product demand on a sales order, Set the Quantity field to 0. To remove the product demand on a project, Complete a change order removing the product.

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