Unreconciled Difference in Cash Drawer

Issue: You want to close your cash drawer but there is an unreconciled difference. If you close your cash drawer without reconciling the difference, the amount will go into Cash Over and Short in your general ledger.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

Explanation: You must cash-out your cash bank deposits for the cash drawer to recognize that the funds are out of the drawer and the difference is reconciled.

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Cashing-Out Your Cash Bank Deposits

The unreconciled difference in your cash drawer should be at $0.00 before closing and confirming your cash drawer. To reconcile the difference, you must cash-out your cash bank deposits.

In the Cash Drawers window:

  1. Select your cash drawer line item
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Cash Drawer window; shows selected cash drawer line item.
Image 1: Cash Drawer with an Unreconciled Difference

In the Cash-out pane:

  1. Enter all bill and change denominations
    • The unreconciled difference should equal zero
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Cash Drawers window; shows location of Cash-out pane and example of filled cash-out fields that create unreconciled difference of $0.00.
Image 2: Completed Cash-Out Pane
  1. Click Save

You can now close and confirm your cash drawer.

Simplifying Your Cash Drawer Closing Process

To avoid cashing-out in the future, make a new payment method for cash that uses check as the payment type. This method treats your cash deposits as a check.

Accessing Customer Payment Methods

In the Enterprise left-hand Navigation menu:

  1. Click System Options
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Enterprise left-hand Navigation menu; shows location of System Option and Customer Payment Methods.
Image 3: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu
  1. Click Customer Payment Methods
    • The Customer Payment Methods window will open

Making Your Current Cash Payment Method Inactive

On your current Cash payment method:

  1. Right-click the Inactive field
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Customer Payment Methods window; shows right-click menu and location of Make Inactive.
Image 4: Make Payment Inactive
  1. Click Make Inactive

Your cash payment method is now inactive.

Adding a New Payment Method For Cash

In the Customer Payment Methods window:

  1. Right-click
Click image to enlarge
Customer Payment Methods window; shows right-click menu and location of Add New Payment.
Image 5: Add Payment Method
  1. Click Add Payment Method

In the new payment method line item:

  1. Enter payment information
  2. Select "Check" in the Type field
Click image to enlarge
Customer Payment Methods window; shows line item of new cash payment method with check in type field.
Image 6: New Payment Method

In the top toolbar:

  1. Click Save

You now have a "cash" payment method that does not require a cash-out to close the cash drawer.

Using Your New Payment Method

*Note: Do not enter an amount in the Cash Deposit field of the Bank Deposit window when using your new payment method.

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Bank Deposit window; shows deposit line item, $0.00 Cash Deposit field, and Total Deposit field.
Image 7: Bank Deposit Window

Your "cash" payments now appear in the Bank Reconciliation as if they are like debit, credit, or check. Check the checkbox under Cleared to include the payment in any bank reconciliations.

Click image to enlarge
Bank Reconciliation window; shows the check deposit.
Image 8: Check Deposit Line Item
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