Administrative Set-Up for Supplier Shipment Errors

Task: Set-up Comsense so you can track and resolve supplier shipment errors.

Environment: Comsense Advantage and Enterprise

This article demonstrates how to:

Creating a General Ledger Account for Disputed Charges

You require an expense account to hold and track disputed charges while you deal with them. Only use this account to hold funds you are currently disputing.

Set-up a new general ledger account using the article Adding a New General Ledger Account. Use the information from Table 1 for the new general ledger account.

Account ID Company account ID for disputed charges account
Name "Disputed Charges"
Account Class  "Purchase Order Expense (Expense)"
Table 1: Disputed Charges General Ledger Account Information

Creating a Cost Group for Errors

Advantage > Maintenance > Product Cost Groups

Maintenance menu; shows location of Product Cost Group.
Image 1: Advantage Maintenance Menu

In the Product Cost Groups window:

  1. Right-click in the Product Cost Group pane
Product Cost Groups window; shows right-click menu an location of Add.
Image 2: Product Cost Group Window Right-Click Menu
  1. Click Add
    • A fillable line item will appear at the bottom of the pane

In the fillable line item:

  1. Type "Errors" under the Name column
  2. Enter sort sequence number under the Sort Sequence column
    • Sort sequence is the order Comsense sorts the list of cost groups in other windows
Product Cost Groups window; shows new line item for Errors cost group.
Image 3: New Product Cost Group
  1. Click OK

 You now have a product cost group for errors.

Creating a Project Section for Non-Sales Errors

Advantage > Tools > System Administration > Project Sections

System Options menu; shows location of Project Sections.
Image 4: Advantage System Administration Menu

In the Project Sections window:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Project Sections pane
Projects Section window; shows right-click menu and Add.
Image 5: Project Sections Right-Click Menu
  1. Click Add
    • A fillable line item will appear at the bottom of the pane
  2. Type "Non-Sales Errors" under the Section Name column
Project Section window; shows new project section line item.
Image 6: New Project Section
  1. Click Save/Close

You now have a project section for non-sales errors.

Creating a Product Category for Supplier Errors

Advantage > MaintenanceProduct Category

Maintenance Menu; shows location of Product Categories.
Image 7: Advantage Maintenance Menu

In the Product Categories window:

  1. Right-click in the Product Categories pane
Product Categories window; shows right-click menu and Add.
Image 8: Product Category Right-Click Menu
  1. Click Add
    • A fillable line item will appear at the bottom of the pane
  2. Fill in the fillable line item using the information in Table 2
Image 9: New Product Category
  1. Click OK 

You now have a product category for supplier errors.

Prod Category Four-letter identification for the category i.e. ERRO
Description "Supplier Errors"
Sort Order placement of the product category in other windows
Cost Group "Errors"
Section "Non-Sales Errors"
Table 2: Supplier Error Product Category Information

Creating a Managed Product for Products Shipped in Error

You use the Product Shipped in Error managed product to track the receipt of non-stock products or products you do not want to keep on your purchase order. Create the managed product as a special product.

Accessing Special Products Window

Enterprise > Inventory/Purchasing > Product Master

Image 10: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

In the Product Master window:

  1. Click New
  2. Click Special Product
Product Master window; shows location of New Special Product.
Image 11: New Managed Product Options

You are now ready to create your special products.

Filling In the Special Product Fields

In the Special Product window:

  1. Fill in the fields using the information in Table 3
Special Product window; shows location and data of Category, Product Category, Short Desctription, and Full Description fields.
Image 12: Special Product Window
  1. Click OK

You now have a special product.

Category "Miscellaneous" 
Product Category "Supplier Errors"
Short Description "Product"
Full Description "Product Shipped in Error by Supplier"
Table 3: New Managed Product Information

Adding Product Details

In the Managed Product window:

  1. Check the Stock Item checkbox
Managed Product window; shows location of Stock Item checkbox.
Image 13: Stock Item Checkbox
  1. Click the Warehouse Locations tab
  2. Right-click in the Warehouse Locations pane
  3. Click Add
    • A blank warehouse line item will appear
  4. Click the Find Warehouse Location button
Managed Product window; shows location of Find Warehouse Location button.
Image 14: Find Warehouse Location Button

In the Find Warehouse Location window:

  1. Select the Supplier Returns warehouse location
Find Warehouse Location window; shows location of the Supplier Return warehouse line item and Open button.
Image 15: Supplier Returns Warehouse Location
  1. Click Open
  2. Click Save

You now have a managed product for products shipped in error. 

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