Handle Excess or Unrequested Product from a Supplier (Inventory/Purchasing)

Issue: A shipment arrives with excess product or a product that is not on the purchase order.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

Resolution: Determine if you want to keep or return the product shipped in error and update the purchase order accordingly. If required, process a supplier return.

Note: Before proceeding, ensure your administrator has Set Up for Supplier Shipment Errors.

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Update the Purchase Order

You must update your purchase order to reflect the shipment and packing slip from the supplier. If you receive a product that you stock, you can either add the additional product to your stock inventory or complete a supplier return. You may also receive an item you do not stock. In both situations, you must add the product to your purchase order for accurate tracking and accounting.

Add the Purchase Order Line Item

  1. In the Purchase Order window, open your purchase order.
  2. Right-click in the Products pane.
  3. Click Add Purchase Order Line Item.
Click image to enlarge
Purchase Order window; shows the Product tab's right-click menu.
Image 1: Purchase Order Products Tab Right-Click Menu
  1. In the Managed Product window, select either:
    1. The exact product
      • If you have the product in your stock
    2. "Product Shipped In Error" managed product
      • If you do not stock this product
  2. Click Add.
    • The product will move to the bottom pane
Click image to enlarge
Managed Product window; shows Product Shipped in Error by Supplier line item and the Add button.
Image 2: Managed Products Window
  1. Click OK.

Your purchase order now has the additional product.

Update the Line Item

In the product line item:

  1. Update Qty column.
  2. Update Unit Cost column to $0.00 if the product is not on the packing slip.

In the Internal Note field and in the Note column:

  1. Enter the details of the error and next step for the product.
    • E.g. Received product on shipment, supplier return OR Received product on shipment, add to stock inventory
Click image to enlarge
Purchase Order window; shows updated product line item and internal note.
Image 3: Updated Purchase Order with Product Shipped in Error
  1. Click Save.
  2. Send the updated Purchase Order Receiving report to the Receiving department.

In case of:

  • Returning the incorrect item, advise the Payables department to short pay the invoice
  • Adding the product to your stock, proceed with business as usual

Your purchase order receiving report now matches the supplier packing slip.

Process a Supplier Return

If you are returning the product sent in error, process a supplier return by following Supplier Return Procedure.

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