Receiving Damaged Product

Issue: A shipment arrives with product that is damaged or was damaged in transit.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

Resolution: Document the damage and update the Inventory & Purchasing department. Complete the receiving after you receive the updated Purchase Order Receiving report. 

*Note: Before proceeding, ensure your administrator has Set-Up for Supplier Shipment Errors.

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Receiving Damaged Product

If you receive a damaged product DO NOT complete the receiving. You cannot undo a receiving. After a receiving is completed the transaction creates a journal entry and goes into the general ledger permanently. Purchasing & Inventory must add a new line item for the damaged product before receiving is complete.

On the Purchase Order Receiving report:

  1. Write a note detailing the damage
Click image to enlarge
Purchase Order Receiving Report; shows note of damage.
Image 1: Purchase Order Receiving Report
  1. Take a picture of the damage
  2. Send the Purchase Order Receiving report and picture to the Purchasing & Inventory department
  3. Wait for the updated Purchase Order Receiving report from the Purchasing & Inventory Department

After you receive the updated Purchase Order Receiving report you can complete the receiving.

Completing the Receiving with an Updated Purchase Order Receiving Report

Creating a New Receiving

In the receiving window:

  1. Complete the Receiving wizard without the damaged product
    • Leave the damaged product line item if multiple items were received and only one was damaged
Click image to enlarge
Receiving Wizard; shows location of unreceived product line item and the Remove button.
Image 2: Receiving Wizard

In your new receiving:

  1. Update any Qtys received
    • E.g. 1 of 10 hinges has damage, update hinge Qty Received to 9
  2. Write a note in the Note field detailing the damage
  3. Click Save

Your receiving is now complete.

Adding an Attachment

In the top toolbar:

  1. Click the Paperclip icon
    • The Attachments window will open
  2. Click the empty Name field
Click image to enlarge
Attachments window; shows the Name field is on the left side of the window.
Image 3: Receiving Attachments Window
  1. Select the picture of the damage 
  2. Click Open
  3. Write a note in the Note field
Click image to enlarge
Attachments window; shows the filled in Note field.
Image 4: Attachments Note Field
  1. Click OK

Your receiving now has a picture of the damage.

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