Administrative Set-Up for Tax Adjustments on Sales Orders

How to: Set up for tax adjustments on sales orders.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

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Accessing Division

Enterprise > System Options > Division

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Left-hand Navigation menu; shows location of System Options and Division.

Adding the Sales Tax Adjustment Miscellaneous Line Item

In the Code field of the Division window:

  1. Enter your division code
  2. Press Tab
    • The Division window will populate
  3. Click the Miscellaneous tab

On the fillable line item:

  1. Select Miscellaneous Expense in the Section and Cost Group fields
  2. Leave the Cost and Sell Price fields at 0
  3. Enter a note in the Note field
    • E.g. To correct sales tax
  4. Click Save
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Division window; shows a new miscellaneous line item with Cost and Sell Price at 0.00 and a note that says 'to adjust sales tax.'

The miscellaneous line item is now available for the entire division.

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