Processing a Short Paid Payable for Holdbacks or Disputes

How to: Process a short paid payable because of holdbacks or resolving a dispute.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

In this article:

  1. Updating the Release for Payment Field
  2. Releasing the Rest of the Payment

Updating the Release for Payment Field

  1. Create a new payable for the receiving
  2. Update Release for Payment field to Total amount less the amount to be short paid
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Image 1: Invoice Amount Field & Release for Payment Field
  1. Click Release
    • Verify Journal Date window will open
  2. Click OK

The payable is released for a portion less than the invoice amount.

Releasing the Rest of Payment

After the remaining portion of the invoice has been dealt with (returned, received etc.), you can release the rest of the payment.

In the Payables window:

  1. Open your original receiving payable
  2. Click the ... button in the Release for Payment field
    • Release for Payment window will open
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Image 2: Release For Payment Ellipses
  1. Enter the total invoice amount
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Image 3: Release for Payment Total
  1. Click OK

The entire receiving payable is now released. 

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