Short Paying a Payable via Check Run

How to: Short pay a payable via check run because you need to provide the sum in two payments.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

In this article:

  1. Accessing Check Run
  2. Creating a New Check Run
  3. Updating the Check Amount

Accessing Check Run

Enterprise > Payables > Check Run

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Enterprise left-hand navigation menu; shows the location of Check Run
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Creating a New Check Run

In the Check Run window toolbar:

  1. Click New
    • Bank Account window will open
  2. Select the paying bank account
Click image to enlarge
Bank Account window; shows the list of bank accounts and the Open button.
Image 2: Bank Account Window
  1. Click Open
    • The Payables Picker window will open
  2. Search & Select the payable
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Payables Picker window; shows payable line item and location of the Add button.
Image 3: Payables Picker Window
  1. Click Add
  2. Click OK

Updating the Check Amount

In the Check Run window:

  1. Expand the payable line item
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Check Run window; shows location of expand button and expanded line item.
Image 4: Expanded Payable Line Item

In the Payment field:

  1. Enter the payment amount for this check run
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Check Run window; shows Payment field updated for less than the payable.
Image 5: Updated Payment Field
  1. Click Save & Print

Your check run is for the entered payment amount. The payable is available for the remainder of the payment at any time.

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