Release Notes for Version 1.26.2614

Version  1.26.2609

  1. Corrected error using Labor Import feature.
  2. Corrected error when attempting to delete a Labor Master record.
  3. Corrected retention Invoice print which was showing incorrect sign on retention.
  4. Advantage - Add security function to restrict changes to Inside Salesperson and Project Mgr
  5. Elevation Costing - When adding labor manually, corrected where qty is greater than one, it was populating UOM not Qty column.
  6. Advantage pricing - Use current exchange rate until project is sold, subsequently holding that rate for the duration of the project.
  7. Corrected for unintentional removal of Opening Sort Sequence making changes to opening.
  8. Add ability to copy server instance info from the 'About' window in Advantage. (Useful when  setting up Excel connection info).
  9. Do not allow users to remove ADMINISTRATOR user.
  10. Corrected error when attempting to delete a change order where project is flagged as Installed.
  11. Added report option for Picking and Packing Slip for 'Show Anchor Prep Summary' .
    This setting will list any preps with an Application = 'Anchor' and will show a quantity of anchor preps as per description/Quantity for example:
        Qty     Short Desc    Full Description                                     (Actual Anchor Quantity)
         35     WM6             6 Wire Masonry > 7'6"                                  210   (35 x 6)
         12     WM8             8 Wire Masonry NoBase Anch > 7'6"            96  (12 x 8)
  12. Receiving - Do not allow save where PO is set to Deleted.
  13. Corrected for Change Order net costs not recognizing exchange rate.
  14. Pool Garbage - do not allow window to be opened twice which could otherwise potentially allow the same transaction to be saved twice.
  15. Advantage 'Complete Window' enhancements/corrections:
    1. Heading window size has been expanded and columns added for hardware sets and opening numbers.
    2. A 'Right click' option has been added  to launch 'Heading' window.
    3. Heading replacement on an opening now prompts user for action where door and/or frame is sourced.
    4. Change Order - Product Replacement wizard corrected to refresh door & frame preps list.
  16. Unsourcing window now has a Global replace option for setting flags for 'Available' and 'Project Protect'
  17. Order Scheduling window now reflects  the 'AsBuilt' heading number.
  18. Customer Find Dialog now shows Customer Notes column following address.
  19. The Door/Frame Submittal 11x14 - Now shows 'Sill' values correctly.
  20. Report Management - Added 'Copy Settings' right click operation at each level.
  21. The General Ledger Detail report has been corrected to reflect correct Retained Earnings balances.
  22. Corrected issue where work order labor cost for Sales Order line item labor items were not reflecting new or changed Labor Master labor costs.

Version  1.26.2614

  1. Change Order - When selling a change order, the 'Sell/approve' dialog window is corrected to reflect the Inside Salesperson and Project Manager as defined in the Project/Sections tab.
  2. A change order that includes a section that does not exist on the Original project will now be automatically added to the original project with a zero cost and contract amount.  (Previously, this condition required the user to manually add a section to the original project before the change order could be sold. )
  3. Corrected for Report Management window 'Check Box' settings not holding unless Tab pressed or used moved off the check box.
  4. User authorization to restrict the changing of Inside Salesperson and Project Manager was too restrictive when selling an Estimate. This restriction has been removed with this update.


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