Selling a Change Order

How to: Sell a change order.

Environment: Comsense Advantage & Enterprise

In this article:

  1. Accessing Pricing
  2. Selling a Change Order
  3. Scheduling Orders on a Change Order
    1. Accessing Order Scheduling
    2. Scheduling & Releasing Orders
  4. Approving a Change Order
    1. Accessing Projects
    2. Entering the Approval Number

Accessing Pricing

Advantage > Detailing > Princing

Click image to enlarge
Advantage Navigation menu; shows the location of Detailing and Pricing.
Image 1: Advantage Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Selling a Change Order

Before selling a change order it is extremely important you review all of the updates. Always confirm the change order is complete and correct because you cannot change or undo a sold change order.

In the Pricing window:

  1. Open the change order
  2. Review the change order
  3. Click Project Pricing tab

In the top toolbar:

  1. Click Sold
Click image to enlarge
Pricing window; shows the location of the sold button in the top toolbar.
Image 2: Sold Button

In the Dialog box:

  1. Click OK
    • Authorization to Proceed window will open
  2. Enter the authorization to proceed
    • E.g. email approval by contractor
Click image to enlarge
Authorization to Proceed window; shows an example of Authorization to Proceed.
Image 3: Authorization to Proceed
  1. Click OK
    • The Product Release Warning! dialog box will open
  2. Click OK

In the Complete window, the updated opening is green to show the change order is sold.

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Complete window; shows the highlighted green line item representing the sold change order.
Image 4: Sold Change Order Line Item

The change order is now sold and the updates are in the project. 

Scheduling Orders on a Change Order

You must input the order scheduling details in the Order Scheduling window.

Accessing Order Scheduling

Enterprise > Order Management > Order Scheduling

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Enterprise Navigation menu; shows the location of Order Management and Order Scheduling.
Image 5: Enterprise Navigation Menu

Scheduling and Releasing Orders

In the Order Scheduling window:

  1. Open the project

Under the order column:

  1. Filter by the change order number
Click image to enlarge
Order Scheduling window; shows the change order filter.
Image 6: Change Order Number Drop-Down Menu

On the change order product line items:

  1. Update the Requested Delivery Date column
  2. Check the Released Checkbox
Click image to enlarge
Order Scheduling window; shows the updated Released checkboxes and Requested Deliver Date.
Image 7: Requested Delivery Date Fields & Released Checkboxes
  1. Click Save & Close

The Order Scheduling is now updated.

Approving a Change Order

After selling a change order you can complete orders and shipments but the change order is not officially approved in the system. Comsense requires a change order approval number to include the change order on:

  • The Application for Payment
  • Invoiced values

After the customer sends you an approved change order, you must enter the approval number in the system.

Accessing Projects

Advantage > Detailing > Projects

Click image to enlarge
Advantage Navigation menu; shows the locatin of Detailing and Projects.
Image 7: Advantage Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Entering the Approval Number

In the Projects window:

  1. Open the project
  2. Click the Change Orders tab

On the approved change order line item:

  1. Enter the approval number
Click image to enlarge
Projects window; shows an example Approval Number on the change order line item.
Image 8: Approval Number Field
  1. Click Save & Close

The change order will now be included in the Application for Payment and invoiced values.

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