Release Notes for Version 1.26.2619

Version  1.26.2619 Estimating: Corrected for condition where a hardware set was Deleted but still reflected the associated product in the Component Costing window.

  1. Complete Window, Change Order process: Corrected for issue where  a user changed the door and/or frame attributes and a subsequent change to door size or heading number would 'undo' the door and/or frame changes.
  2. Receiving Report (Post Receiving):  Where only partial receiving of product, the report now shows only the opening numbers associate with what was actually received. 
  3. Selling Change Orders: Original 'unsold' sections where there is associated product and/or miscellaneous cost or sell values will no longer be automatically set to Sold by the change order.
  4. Enterprise line item product descriptions for projects are now 'Refreshed' with each Pricing operation in Advantage. This ensures that any manufacturer product nomenclature changes are reflected in those descriptions.
  5. Pay Application window and report:  Corrected condition where a project is set as 'Tax Included and Retainage Taxable' and after  the Retention invoice was created, the final Pay Application incorrectly showed a Retention Balance on the tax line items.
  6. Added 'Grouping' function to Order Scheduling Window.
  7. Corrected for errors when performing 'Pool to Stock', 'Pool to Garbage' and 'Supplier Return'.
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