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Metric Jamb Depths

When ordering metric frame products, please be sure to use metric jamb depth codes (ending in "MM") rather than their imperial equivalents.

Jamb Depth attributes have fixed P.O. Descriptions that are not linked or based on the metric Description values and do not convert from metric to imperial or vice versa. 

For example: if a metric project has a 914mm x 2134mm frame with a selected jamb depth of "534" (rather than "146MM" jamb depth), the product's inventory description in the Pricing window, Enterprise, and elsewhere will show 146mm, the metric equivalent of 534. However, as the P.O. Description for jamb attribute 534 is "5 3/4" as shown below, the P.O Description is the value that will appear on the Purchase Order, which can lead to misinterpretation of the desired jamb depth.

Mfg Attributes window, Catalog Attribut Description tab; shows the CBN jamb catalog attribute descriptions.


"ENG" Series

To better match our catalog database to the published price book, we have flagged the "ENG" Series as obsolete.

The "STD" Series will continue to be supported, and products that were previously treated as "ENG" will price accurately under the "STD" series if the non-standard width and height preps are applied where required.

This process is not automatic due to customer feedback about inconsistencies in where and when the charges are applied. There are also some unpublished standout metric sizes like 950mm width, 2150mm height, etc. that receive standard pricing. As the price book is defined in Imperial measurements (with the only exception being metric masonry frames), if the process was automated, these unlisted standard sizes would be charged the non-standard increase.

The non-standard prep Short Descriptions are "NSW", "NSH", and "NSWH". 


"MM" Profile

The 2021 Baron price book only lists one metric-sized product (16ga M series frames), and as such, we are only supporting the "MM" profile for those frames. This is a change from previous years.

We are unable to update the pricing on any non-16ga items, but rather than make them inactive, we will be leaving them as previously priced per last year's price book for the duration of this price book's effectiveness.

Upon release of the next price book, we will be removing these products if they are not listed.



To ensure all non-standard pricing is accommodated where required, we now support door preps for non-standard widths and heights.

As some metric sizes are specially priced (950mm, etc.), the pricing for "next largest size" will be  automatically calculated, but if the required size also needs the non-standard modifier, please use a prep.

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