Fleming (CFM) - Brand Guide


H Series HINL

A new door series attribute, "F-H HINL", is now in use per the price book outline. The existing "F-H" attribute is for WSS doors only.

Non-Standard Panels

For hollow metal panels at thicknesses other than 1-3/4", please use prep "SPL-THK" and enter properties to define the required thickness. 

Steel Stiffened Door Cores

A number of filler materials for steel stiffened doors are no longer available and have been made OBSOLETE. These will continue to be available for any existing work, but should not be used on new projects or orders.



Non-Standard Face Stick Material

Many new DESC attributes have been added for non-standard face stick material. These will allow for non-standard face lengths to be calculated in the Elevations Pricing window per the provided grid in the price book.

Metric Jamb Depths

When ordering metric frame products, please be sure to use metric jamb depth codes (ending in "MM") rather than their imperial equivalents.

Jamb Depth attributes have fixed P.O. Descriptions that are not linked or based on the metric Description values and do not convert from metric to imperial or vice versa. 

For example: if a metric project has a 914mm x 2134mm frame with a selected jamb depth of "534" (rather than "146MM" jamb depth), the product's inventory description in the Pricing window, Enterprise, and elsewhere will show 146mm, the metric equivalent of 534. However, as the P.O. Description for jamb attribute 534 is "5 3/4" as shown below, the P.O Description is the value that will appear on the Purchase Order, which can lead to misinterpretation of the desired jamb depth.


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