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Release Notes for Version

  1. New Version Numbering Scheme. The new format is made up of 5 components. Year.Quarter.PublicReleaseIncrementandBuildIncrement.DayofYear
      See our Help Center article for more info on the build number format.
  2. Corrected for Advantage Pricing, Component Costing by Manufacturing window showing Unit Sell Price where Project Master was not set for this requirement.
  3. Check Register report now shows the Purchase Order number relating to the payable invoice.
  4. Corrected for Door & Frame Takeoff Heading Filter drop-down always shows Set# instead of Heading #.
  5. Where product detailing results in changed product definitions (including hand), the Order Scheduling Window will retain the previously established values for similar product for the following: Requested Ship Date, Requested Delivery Date.
  6. Wood Door Purchase order print routine will now attempt to eliminate page overflow in the middle of a line item definition.
  7. The 'Connected Users Window' will now refresh the list of users by clicking the green arrow filter button.
  8. Corrected for the Wood Door Purchase Order not converting door sizes to metric for metric designated project and/or sales orders.
  9. Customer Payment window invoice retainage now reflects tax included retainage.
  10. The Managed Product Management window now shows separate fields for both Catalog Description and Order Description for better visibility where users change the Catalog description. 
  11. The generic purchase order (non door/frame) will now only show the Catalog Description of a product (not a modified user description from the Managed Product) and is non-editable. The exception is managed product designated as 'Expense' where the users may edit the purchase order line item description.
  12. Corrected for intermittent project suggested billing not auto-selecting 'Orphaned' product relating to change orders. 
  13. Corrected intermittent error presented when building a Special Product for hardware where product exists for that manufacturer without a 'Catalog number'.
  14. Corrected for intermittent error when selling a change order where the 'Up-to-date Costing' flag is not being set as checked.
  15. When product configuration changes occur by way of the normal detailing process or the the selling of a change order, the new product's ship, delivery, installation dates along with Released Flag and On-Hold flag will be maintained based on the following rules:
        1. For existing Openings:
               a) Existing product with same Product Category and,
               c) if not found,  look for  product with the same Product Category, Building Area and Phase.
        2.  For New Openings - Look for first opening with the following common attributes to the new opening:
               a)  Phase
               b) Building Area
               c)  Product Category


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