Creating a New Project Section

How to: Create a new project section.

Environment: Comsense Advantage

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Understanding Project Sections

Project sections are billing groups for your application for payments. Project sections should correspond with the predetermined schedule of values for each project that requires AIA billing. Project sections cannot be changed within a project after you source the material.

Miscellaneous items on individual orders in Enterprise require sections. When you select a section on an order in Enterprise, the section has no effect on the order in the system other than visually seeing a section on the order.

Accessing Project Sections

Advantage > Tools > System Administration > Project Sections

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Advantage window; shows the pathway to Project Sections.
Image 1: Path to Project Sections

Creating a Project Section

*Note: The project pricing and section drop-down fields will list the project sections in the same order as the Project Sections window.

In the Project Sections window:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Project Sections pane
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Project Section window; shows the right click menu and the location of Add.
Image 2: Project Sections Right-Click Menu
  1. Click Add
    • A fillable line item will appear at the bottom of the pane
  2. Enter the section name under the Section Name column
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Project Sections window; shows an example of a new project section.
Image 3: New Project Section
  1. Click Save/Close

You now have a new project section.

Making Project Sections Inactive

If you need to make a project section inaccessible, Uncheck the active checkbox and Click Save/Close.

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Project Sections window; shows an unchecked Active checkbox.
Image 4: Active Section Checkbox

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