Error when Opening an Attachment

Issue: I am unable to open an attachment in Comsense and received a system exception error that says "File Not Found."

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Exception window; shows the error the user receives when they try to open a Save As Link attachment that has been changed.
Image 1: Save As Link Error Exception Window

Environment: Comsense Enterprise, SQL 2016

How to determine the issue:

Verify the Attachment Method

Determine the attachment method by looking at the Save As Link checkbox in the Attachments window.

Save As Link Unchecked

If the Save As Link checkbox is unchecked, contact support to diagnose the issue.

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Attachments window; shows the unchecked Save As Link checkbox.
Image 2: Unchecked Save As Link Checkbox

Save As Link Checked

If the Save As Link Checkbox is checked, the attachment no longer exists as it did at the time the file was added as an attachment. It may have been deleted, moved, or renamed.

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Attachments window; shows the checked Save As Link checkbox.
Image 3: Checked Save As Link Checkbox


The Save As Link checkbox does not save a copy of the file to the Comsense database, it saves the pathway to the original file location in your system. If the original file is moved, deleted, or renamed, Comsense cannot find the file using the saved path. See Attachments in Comsense for more details.


Search for the original file on your computer or shared drive to and re-upload the attachment as either a:

  • Standard attachment
    • Upload the attachment and do not check Save As Link
  • Save as link attachment
    • Upload using save as link attachment best practices

Always use the save as link attachment best practices for any future attachments.

Save As Link Attachment Best Practices

Use save as link attachments with the following guidelines:

  • Only use save as link attachments for a valid reason
    • Large files
    • Files with regular updates
  • Use a standardized drive letter mapped location to a common folder
  • Pay attention to file movement and file name changes in the common folder drive.
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