Admin Access Only Mode

Feature: Admin Access Only mode

Feature Behavior: Removes system access from all users except admins during program updates.


  • Complete program updates without user interruptions that compromise the program update and the user's work
  • Prevent users from entering the system after an unsuccessful program update

How it works:

Enabling & Disabling Admin Access Only Mode

Program updates automatically:

  • Enable Admin Access Only mode at the beginning of the update
  • Disable Admin Access Only mode after the update is successful

If the Admin Access Only mode does not automatically disable after a program update, the program update was unsuccessful.

Unsuccessful Update

Admin Access Only mode remains enabled when a system interruption stops or prevents the program update e.g. someone reboots the server during a program update and only a portion of the update is complete. Admin Access Only mode prevents users from using the system in a partially updated state to:

  • Protect the system
  • Protect their work

When to Contact Support

If users log in and receive the error message below, the program update is incomplete. Contact support to diagnose the issue and complete the update.

Click image to enlarge
Error Message; says The system is in Admin Access Only mode for maintenance purposes. Please try again later or contact your system administrator!
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