Using Attachments in Comsense

Feature: Transaction attachments,

Function: The Attachments feature allows you to add attachments to certain transactions and print the attachment with the corresponding report.

Purpose: Ensure important documents remain with the corresponding transaction in the system for future reference.

How it works:

Attachment Uses

Transaction attachments may be:

  • One-offs
    • E.g. photograph of a damaged product on a customer return
  • Requirements for certain suppliers or products
    • E.g. terms & conditions for supplier transactions

You can add attachments to the following transactions and objects in Comsense:

  • Quote
  • Sales order
  • Customer return
  • WIP transfer
  • Receiving
  • Shipment
  • Products (in the product master)
  • Product count
  • Stock transfer
  • Product Assembly
  • Stock requisition
  • Purchase order
  • Pool to stock transfer
  • Pool to garbage transfer
  • Supplier return
  • Work order
  • Payable
  • Check run
  • Invoicing
  • Application for payment
  • Customer payment
  • Bank deposit
  • Inspection
  • Customer
  • Suppliers (in the supplier window)



Standard Attachments

Standard attachments have an unchecked Save As Link checkbox.

Click image to enlarge
Attachments window; shows an unchecked Save As Link checkbox.

Function: Standard attachments save a copy of the file as an attachment file in the Comsense database.

Purpose: Standard attachments keep attachments accessible to all users who have access to that particular transaction.

Attachment Location: Comsense pulls the attachment from the Comsense database and moves it to a temporary location to open with your default viewer.

Save As Link Attachments

Save as link attachments have a checked Save As Link checkbox.

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Attachments window; shows a checked Save As Link checkbox.

Function: Save as link attachments save the location pathway to the original file rather than saving a copy of the file to the database as a standard attachment.

Purpose: Save as link attachments save space in the Comsense database and allow you to update the content of a document without removing and reuploading the file. The Save As Link feature is only for:

  • Files too large to store in the database
  • Files with frequent content changes

Attachment Location: The location of the saved file is the location the original file. When you open an attachment that is saved as a link, Comsense prompts your computer to open the attachment from its original location using your default viewer.

Save As Link Attachment Risks

Files saved outside of the comsense database can be moved, deleted, or renamed. Comsense does not know when the original files are changed. If someone changes the original pathway, users will be unable to open the attachment and will receive the following exception window:

Click image to enlarge
Exception window; shows what the error the user receives when they try to open a Save As Link attachment that has been changed.

Save As Link Attachment Best Practices

Use save as link attachments sparingly and appropriately because of the associated risks. Always use save as link attachments with the following guidelines:

  • Only use save as link attachments for a valid reason
    • Large files
    • Files with regular updates
  • Use a standardized drive letter mapped location to a common folder
  • Pay attention to file movement and file name changes in the common folder drive
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