Creating a New Product Cost Group

How to: Create a new product cost group.

Environment: Comsense Advantage

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Understanding Cost Groups

A product cost group is a category of sales transactions. Cost groups link transactions to their corresponding general ledger account. 

Accessing Cost Groups

Advantage > Maintenance > Product Cost Groups

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Advantage window; shows path to Product Cost Group.
Image 1: Path to Product Cost Groups

Creating a Cost Group

In the Product Cost Groups window:

  1. Right-click in the Product Cost Group pane
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Product Cost Group window; shows the right-click menu and the location of Add.
Image 2: Product Cost Group Window Right-Click Menu
  1. Click Add
    • A fillable line item will appear at the bottom of the pane

In the fillable line item:

  1. Enter the product cost group name under the Name column
  2. Enter sort sequence number under the Sort Sequence column
    • Sort sequence is the order Comsense sorts the list of cost groups in other windows

Tip: Place frequently used cost groups earlier in the sorting sequence.

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Project Cost Group window; shows an example of a new cost group line item.
Image 3: New Product Cost Group
  1. Click OK

You now have a new product cost group.

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