Release Notes for Version


  • Corrected issue where Door Takeoff Entry window drop down list of Hardware Sets was not showing any entries.
  • Rolled-back the change which was populating the Purchase Order line item description based on the Managed Product 'Catalog Description' back to the original method of populating the purchase order from the user maintained Managed Product Description.


  •  The new rule implemented in Update Version, regarding the maintaining of dates, and flags when product configuration changes, has been modified as follows:
    • Order Scheduling 'Released' flag will no longer be automatically checked.
    • For Change Orders, Order Scheduling dates will now reflect the 'Date Required' as populated by the user when selling the change order.
  • Corrected for repeating 'Costing Process' in the Advantage Pricing window.
  • Corrected for intermittent removal of hardware preps on sourced doors and frames within a heading on a change order where the hardware was changed using the Tool Bar icon.
  • Corrected issue on Sales Orders where using negative & positive miscellaneous values to adjust for taxes was not recognizing exempt status where the Tax Code had an imbedded space.
  • Manual entry of Chart Of Account numbers will now restrict use of lower case letters.
  • Pricing Window for change orders will now present zero cost product message.
  • Corrected error in Connected Users Window when searching by name.
  • Increased the size of the Today Window top pane.
  • Check Run, Payables Picker Window - Corrected date formatting issue for 'Due Date' Column.
  • Advantage - Expanded hand options for mullions to include reverse handing.
  • Advantage Security changes:
    • 'Allow change to Inside Salesperson' and 'Project Manager' only where project is sold.
    • Added 'Change Outside Salesperson, Estimator or Detailer for Sold Projects'
  • Managed Product Management window changes:
    • Added check box column named 'User Maintained' to indicate where product is being 'Discount' or 'Net' cost user maintained.
    • Added columns for 'Catalog Description - Imperial' and 'Catalog Description Metric' and check box columns 'Description Modified' and 'Metric Description Modified' to indicate where Catalog Descriptions are different than Managed Product User descriptions.
  • Bank Reconciliation window - Added option for Attachments.
  • Journal Entry window - Added option for Attachments (Note: Journal must be saved as 'Completed' before attaching.)
  • Corrected error entering Complete Window History Note.
  • Corrected for 'Import Hardware Sets' error creating blank rows
  • Add columns 'Estimator' and 'Inside Salesperson' to Project Search dialog window.
  • Where the system creates new Stock Requisitions or Work Orders for partially completed transactions, the new Stock Requisitions or Work Orders now reflect the original required date.
  • A new Print Option has been provided to suppress 'Address info' on Packing Slip, Sales Order, Purchase Order and Quote.
  • Enterprise security has two new items:
    • 'Bypass Cost of Sales Account validation':
      • This was introduced to allow system administrators to control manual general ledger entries affecting costs charged to 'Orders'.  For those accountants wanting to reconcile the Profit & Loss Statement - Cost Of Sales values to other reports such as the Sales Journal or other data warehouse reporting, this provides the opportunity to control general ledger entries to ensure that any amounts charged to an account classified as 'Cost Of Sales' will require the user to enter the applicable 'Order #'. The opposite is also true, where a charge to a Non-Cost of Sales account will not allow an Order # to be recorded with that entry. Note - the following account classes are considered 'Cost of Sales':
        • Cost of Sales
        • Cost of Sales - Taxes
        • Cost of Sales - Adjustments
      • This new security item is being set automatically to 'Checked' as part of the initial implementation of this control (meaning validation is not performed and security checking will be performed as was normally performed before this change).  This security item is listed under 'General Ledger/Bank Deposit', 'Journal Entry' and 'Payables/Payable'.  
    • 'Release Payable with line item that has a zero cost'
      • We now provide the flexibility for system administrators to relax the Payable entry rule to deny the entry of a zero dollar 'Payable Unit Cost'. 
      • This new security item is being set automatically to 'Checked' as part of the initial implementation of this control (meaning validation of non-zero values will be performed as was normally performed before this change).  This security item is listed under  'Payables/Payable'.  
    • The  Advantage 'Complete window' tool bar item 'Advanced Opening Duplication' will now require the selected openings to have the opening hand populated before proceeding. 
    • The WIP Valuation window has a new column checkbox to indicate if product is in Pool.
    • The Font size has been Increased for the Opening Number string in the Packing Slip.
    • The Project Window, Section Tab 'Due Date' now provides for a 'Due Time'.
    • The Advantage 'Complete window' no longer defaults the 'EXT' column value to "N" when adding new openings.
    • The Quote and Sales Order entry window, Door/Frame configurator, now provides selection list of all Door and Frame manufacturer parts (not just the primary door or frame manufacturer).
    • Corrected issue with export option in Estimate Management only exporting header information.


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