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How to: Complete a project in Comsense

Environment: Comsense Advantage

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Access Projects

Go to Advantage > Detailing > Projects.

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Advantage Navigation menu; shows the location of Detailing and Projects.
Image 1: Advantage Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Complete the Project

  1. In the Projects window, open the project.
  2. In the Order Status field, click the current status.
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Projects window; shows the Order Status drop-down list.
Image 2: Order Status Drop-Down List
  1. Select Completed.
  2. Click Save.

The project is now complete.

Complete Project Requirements

If your project has incomplete items, Comsense opens a dialog box listing each incomplete item. Each item must be resolved before you can proceed with completing your project, see Completing Project Requirements for more details.

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Completing Project Requirements window; lists all the incomplete project requirements.
Image 3: Completing Project Requirements Window
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