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How to: Use the activities tool.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

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Understanding Activities

The Activities tool is an area of the software where you organize, manage, and track tasks. Comsense has two types of activities, which are general activities and cross-referenced activities. General activities are unrelated to a specific transaction or business document e.g. a reminder to review all unpaid invoices. Cross-referenced activities are directly related to a specific transaction or business document e.g. a reminder to follow-up with a specific invoice. 

You can create activities in the:

  • Activities window
  • Quotes window
  • Sales Order window
  • Customer Return window
  • WIP Transfer window
  • Order Management window
  • Receiving window
  • Shipment window
  • Product Master window
  • Product Count window
  • Stock Transfer window
  • Product Assembly window
  • Stock Requisition window
  • Pool to Stock window
  • Pool to Garbage window
  • Supplier Return window
  • Work Order window
  • Payable window
  • Check Run window
  • Invoicing window
  • Application for Payment window
  • Customer Payment window
  • Bank Deposit window
  • Inspection window








Creating a New Activity

Comsense automatically determines and populates the activity category. Creating an activity from the Activities window creates a general activity. Creating an activity from a transaction window creates a cross-referenced activity with a category related to the transaction window e.g. an activity you create in the Purchase Order window will have the PurchaseOrder category. Always create the activity in the applicable window because you cannot update the category.

General Activity

You create general activities directly from the Enterprise Navigation menu. General activities can be any sort of reminder for yourself or another user e.g. Check warehouse for hinge A.

Enterprise > Activities > Activity

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Enterprise Navigation menu; shows the location of Activities and Activity.
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

After creating a new activity, Fill In the Activity Window.

Cross-Referenced Activity

Cross-referenced activities relate to a specific transaction or business document. You create cross-referenced activities from the transaction's window. Creating an activity in any window other than the Activities window creates a cross-referenced activity.

In the Transaction window, Click the New Activity icon.

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Image 2: New Activity Icon

After creating a new activity, Fill In the Activity Window.

Filling In the Activity Window

*Note: The example below is a general activity.

For each activity, Fill in the Activity window fields & Click Save. Refer to Table 1 for field descriptions.

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Table 1: Activity Window Fields
Field Name Description Example Required
Subject Main task/title Follow up with customer for invoicing Yes
Due Date activity is due 07/30/2020 No
Importance Level of importance to complete High No



Prompt to hide the activity from all users except the owner Checked No
Activity Type Type of activity, list options are created in System Options Collections No
Status Status of the activity Open Yes
Category Category automatically populated based on where you create the activity General Yes
Alert Checkbox Prompt to receive an activity reminder Checked No
Alert Date Date and time to receive the activity reminder Jul 30/20 1:30 PM No
Description Tab Any further details for the task Follow up with customer for invoicing, the customer asked for a follow-up. No




Lists any cross-reference documents Invoice #123456 No
Security Tab More granular security options allowing only certain roles to view the activity Include Purchasers No
Owner Person the task is assigned to MAGGIE.RAMPEN Yes
Contact Person to contact for the task Ben Owing No
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Image 3: New Activity Example

Receiving Activity Alerts

If you set an alert date and time in the Activity window, you receive an activity alert. The Alert automatically opens in the software as a reminder to complete or update the activity accordingly.

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Image 4: Alert List Window

In the Alert List window, you can:

  • Dismiss the selected alert
  • Dismiss all alerts
  • Open the selected activity to update
  • Snooze the activity for a desired amount of time

Updating the Activity Status

In the Activity window, Select the appropriate status and Click Save & Close.

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Image 5: Status Field

Accessing Activity Lists

You can access a list of all activities in the system or a list of activities related to a single transaction or business document. The Activity List window always functions the same. The top pane of the window lists the activities in the system that are viewable to you. The bottom pane of the window lists any cross-reference documents related to the activity selected in the top pane. 

Accessing All Activities

To access the list of entire activities accessible to you, access the Activities window. The Activities List window will populate with all activities in the system accessible to you.

Enterprise > Activities > Activities

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Enterprise Navigation menu; shows the location of Activities and Activities.
Image 6: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Accessing a Transaction's Activities

To view a list of activities related to one transaction, Open the transaction (e.g. open the purchase order) and Click the Activity List icon. The Activities List window will populate with all the activities related to the transaction accessible to you.

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Image 7: Activity List Icon

Using the Activity List Window

The main functions of the Activity List window are:

Filtering the Activity List

You can use the filter line item to filter activities with specific criteria. To filter activities, Enter the filter criteria in the top line item and the list will update.

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Image 8: Activity Filters

Opening an Activity

To open an activity from the Activity List window Click the Subject.

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Image 9: Activity Subject

Opening Cross-Reference Documents

To open a cross-reference document, Click the Document Reference.

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Image 10: Document Reference
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