Handling Multiple Doors or Frames on One Opening

Issue: A project has multiple doors or frames for one opening. The system shows one door or frame is required and not sourced and the other(s) are sourced and not required.

Environment: Comsense Advantage

Explanation: Every time a change order updates the preps on a door or frame, the system removes the original and creates a new door or frame in the change order. If the original is already sourced, you will have the original and the new door or frame because each change order is unique and does not interact with other changes orders.


Preventing Duplicate Doors or Frames

It is best to prevent duplicate doors or frames using the steps below. If you already have duplicate doors or frames, see Handling Duplicate Doors or Frames.

Before Beginning a Change Order

Before beginning a change order always:

  • Review the status of the product you are updating
  • Determine how to handle any product that is sourced, received, shipped, or invoiced

Reloading Originals

If you plan to use the original door or frame, you must reload the original door or frame after updating the preps in the Change Order window. Reloading the original door or frame pulls the original door or frame data into the change order rather than creating a new one for the prep.

On the door or frame line item, Right-click and Click Reload Original Door or Reload Original Frame.

Click image to enlarge
Change Order window; shows the right-click menu and the location of Reload Original Frame.
Image 1: Frame Line Item Right-Click Menu

Reviewing the Pricing Window

After creating a change order, always review the component costing in the Pricing window. The Component Costing tab gives you an overview of what the change order is adding and removing. Review the Qty Add column, Qty Deduct column, and the Total Extended Cost. If the numbers do not look correct, update the change order before selling it.

Click image to enlarge
Pricing window; shows the Quantity Add column, Quantity Deduct column, and Total Extended Cost row.
Image 2: Pricing Window

Handling Duplicate Doors or Frames

If you have duplicate doors or frames after you sell the change order, the procedure you follow depends on the status of the existing product.

Table 1: Duplicate Procedures
Status Procedure

Sourced and

not shipped

Unsource the Product and Alternate Source the Product
Shipped Complete a Customer Return and Alternate Source the New Product from the pool using the original product
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