Using the List Export Tool in Enterprise

How to: Export lists from Management and Find windows.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

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Understanding the List Export Tool

The list export tool allows you to export a list from any of the Management or Find windows. The tool exports the list in the same order that you filter or organize the line items in the window. You can use this tool for:

  • Customer follow-ups
  • Supplier follow-ups
  • Personal tracking
  • Document auditing

You can export the list to:

  • Clipboard
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PDF

Excel, Word, and PDF files save to your computer for future access. The Export To Clipboard option copies the list to your clipboard and you must manually paste the list in a word processor or email.

*Note: Always paste the list immediately to avoid losing the information.

Exporting a List from a Management or Find Window

On the far-left column header:

  1. Click the Down Arrow
Click image to enlarge
Find window; shows the location of the down arrown.
Image 1: Far-Left Column Header Down Arrow
  1. Hover the mouse over Export
Click image to enlarge
Find window; shows the location of the Export menu.
Image 2: Export Menu
  1. Click an Export To options
Click image to enlarge
Find window; shows the Export menu and export options.
Image 3: Export Options

If you are exporting to Excel, Word, or PDF the File Explorer window will open.

In the File Explorer window:

  1. Select the save location
  2. Enter the file name
Click image to enlarge
File Explorer window; shows an example file name and hte location of the Save button.
Image 4: File Name & Save Button
  1. Click Save

The list is now exported.

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