Building In-House Preps

How to: Build in-house preps in Comsense.

Environment: Comsense Advantage

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Building In-House Preps

To create in-house preps you create the prep as an in-house labor item in the Inhouse Labor Window. Each in-house labor item requires details in the In-House Labor pane, Pricing Info pane, and Shop Department Info pane. The Property Info pane is optional depending on the prep type. Always Click Save after filling out each pane.

Accessing Inhouse Labor

Advantage > Catalog Maint. > Inhouse Labor

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Advantage Navigation menu; shows the location of Catalog Maint. and Inhouse Labor.
Image 1: Advantage Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Creating an In-House Labor Line Item

In the In-House Labor pane, Right-click and Click Add.

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Inhouse Labor window; shows the In-House Labor right-click menu.
Image 2: In-House Labor Right-Click Menu

In-House Labor Fields

Fill in the new line item using Table 1.

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Inhouse Labor window; shows an example of a new in-house labor line item.
Image 2: In-House Labor Line Item
Table 1: In-House Labor Fields
Field Description Example
Product Category Assigns the labor to a product category In-House Labor
Manufacturer In-house labor manufacturer Shop
Type Type of labor i.e. what component of the opening is the labor related to? Door
Long Description Description of the in-house labor Custom Height Strike Prep
Short Description Reference code CHSP
Standard Group Group used for searching for the labor when adding preps in the Doors or Frames window. You can select from the pre-existing list or enter a new group name in the field. In-House Prep
Group Sort Sequence N/A  
Application The application of the labor i.e. how the labor is executed. Leave blank if no applications apply.  
Hdw Prep Associates the labor with hardware. When checked, the labor is only available in the Default Prep window.   
Sequence N/A  
Special Makes any associated product a special product that follows special product rules. Only applies when using the in-house labor in Enterprise.  
Has Properties Related to the Property Info pane. Cannot be checked.  

Hardware Installation

Product Category

Relates to the hardware installation module and the information it populates. Only select the category if the labor is an installation item.  

Pricing Info Pane

The Pricing Info pane lists each division at the company. Only enter the pricing information for the divisions that require the in-house labor. For each applicable division, Fill in the total labor cost and total supply cost.

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Inhouse Labor window, Pricing Info pane; shows examples of Labor Cost and Supply Cost.
Image 3: Labor Cost & Supply Cost

Shop Department Info Pane

The Shop Department Info pane is where you select the shop details for the labor by division. In the Shop Department Info pane, Right-click and Click Add.

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Inhouse Labor window, Shop Department Info pane; shows the right-click menu.
Image 4: Shop Department Info Right-Click Menu

Fill in the shop department information using Table 2. Always fill in the shop department information for each division that requires the in-house labor.

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Inhouse Labor window, Shop Department Info pane; shows an example shop departmet info line item.
Image 5: Shop Department Line Item
Table 2: Shop Department Fields
Field Description Example
Division The division 001
Standard Minutes The length of time it takes to complete the prep in minutes 30
Shop Department The shop department that makes the prep after sourcing Wood Door Shop
Custom Shop Department Shop department for elevations  

Property Info Pane

You do not have to fill out the Property Info pane if the in-house labor does not require any further clarification. Use property information for in-house labor that requires specific details or custom properties.

In the Property Info pane, Right-Click and Click Add.

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Inhouse Labor window, Property Info pane; shows the right-click menu.
Image 6: Property Info Right-Click Menu

Fill in the property information using Table 3.

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Inhouse Labor window, Property Info pane; shows an example property info line item.
Image 7: Property Value Line Item
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Inhouse Labow window, Property Info panel shows an example list value line item.
Image 8: List Value Line Item
Table 3: Property Info Fields
Field Description Example
Property Label of the property line item. Differentiates the line item from other line items. Property 1
Description Description of the property Custom Height
Default Value The property's default value. If there is no default value leave the field blank.  
Type Type of data in the property value Decimal
Estimating Required The property must be defined during estimating  
Detailing Required The Property must be defined during detailing  
Editable The property value is editable for each use  
Required for Sourcing The property value is required for sourcing  
Optional The property value is optional  
Sort Sequence N/A  
Min. Value The minimum value allowed 2 feet
Max Value The maximum value allowed 4 feet
PO Description The description that appears on purchase orders. Automatically populates from the description field and can be updated.  
List Value List of selectable items for the property value  
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