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Stocking Stick Material

When stocking blank mullions in full lengths, net costing is required after the product has been configured. The auto-generated pricing in the system will be per-inch.

This is due to the different pricing build-up formulas Republic uses to price per-inch and full-length mullions.


DF Series 4" Face Heads

The related charge to 4" heads for the DF series must be assigned from the Preps window.

Rev 08/25/2022

How to Detail 4" Heads
Frames built from components (Jambs and Head) Select the 4"HD, 4"HDD from the Head Face Column in Takeoff Window

Frames that are complete frames (No Components) are added from the HEAD prep group as shown below
rame Head Prep Table

Regardless of where the 4" head is added, they will all print on the Purchase Order in column HD Dim as shown below



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