Printing Labels

How to: Print labels with the correct template for purchase orders, shipping, receiving, or stock requisition.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise


This procedure demonstrates printing labels from the Shipment window.

In the Purchase Order, Shipment, Receiving, or Stock Requisition window:

  1. Click Print Labels
  2. Click Opening Product, Carton, or Container

*Note: Carton and Container are only available options in the Shipment window

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Shipment window; shows the Print Labels drop-down menu.
Image 1: Print Labels

In the Generate Report window:

  1. Select the appropriate Label Template from the Label Template Value drop-down list
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Generate Report window; shows the location of the Label Template Value field.
Image 2: Label Template Value Field

If you do not want to print labels for all the openings and products:

  1. Click the Opening and Product Value button
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Generate Report window; shows the location of the Opening and Product Value button.
Image 3: Opening and Product Value Button

In the Opening Product Picker window:

  1. Select the Opening Products
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Opening Product Picker window; shows unselected products and the location of the OK button.
Image 4: Opening Product Picker Window
  1. Click OK
  2. Click Print

You now have product labels.

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