Registering for Comsense Academy

How to: Register for Comsense's new learning management system (LMS), Comsense Academy.

Environment: Email Inbox & Absorb


*Note: If you are interested in registering with Comsense Academy, contact support to receive a registration key.

After receiving your registration key information, you can sign up with Comsense Academy.

In the Registration Key email:

  1. Copy the Registration key
    • Ctrl+C or Right-click & copy
  2. Click the link
Click image to enlarge
Registration Key Email; shows the location of the registration key and the Comsense Academy link.
Image 1: Registration Key & Comsense Academy Link

In the Key Name field:

  1. Paste the registration key
Click image to enlarge
Sign Up page; Key Field.
Image 2: Enrollment Key Field
  1. Click Sign Up

On the Sign Up page:

  1. Enter your information
Click image to enlarge
Sign Up page; shows completed user information fields.
Image 3: User Information
  1. Click Sign Up

After you receive your email verification email:

  1. Click the Email Verification link
Click image to enlarge
Verification email; shows the location of the email verification link.
Image 4: Email Verification Link

You now have a Comsense Academy account.

*Note: You must verify your email to access the LMS. 

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