Add a Part or Labor to Sourced Product from a Different Manufacturer

Issue: On a change order, to add a part or labor to an existing door or frame from a different manufacturer creates a demand for a new door or frame. The new demand does not show in the Advantage Pricing window.

Environment: Comsense Advantage & Enterprise

User Issue: The purchaser may unknowingly source or ship duplicate doors or frames for the project.

Explanation: The Pricing window only shows the new product.


Review the project

Before creation and selling of any change order, always review the project's purchase orders, sourcing, and shipments. The status of the project dictates how you handle the new demand for existing product. For further detail on reviewing projects before creating a change order, review section:

1. Review the Project

2. Determine Project Adjustments to Complete the Change Order in the article Create a Change Order.

If nothing is sourced, proceed with the project as usual.

Add a Part or Labor to Sourced Openings

The procedure for handling openings on a change order with sourced product depend on the stage of sourcing. You must handle the situation as outlined below for any opening(s) that have:

Product on an Open Purchase Order

View Unsource a Product of the door or frame and proceed as usual.

Product on a Released Purchase Order

In Enterprise: 

  1. Delete the purchase order
  2. Create a new purchase order
    • Include the original purchase order number in the notes
  3. Advise the supplier of the new purchase order number

Sourced & Unshipped Product

Unsource a Product and Alternate Source the new door or frame demand from the pool with the new part.

Product On-site

Complete a customer return for the product on-site and Alternate Source the new door or frame demand from the pool with the new part.

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  • All the above ways will fix the sourcing, it does not however deal with the billing problem this creates.  The door or frame will bill at $0 unless you remember to do a manual entry in the billing.


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