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How to: Navigate Comsense's new Learning Management System (LMS), Comsense Academy.

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About Absorb & Comsense Academy

Absorb is the LMS platform that hosts Comsense Academy. Comsense Academy provides users with:

  • Brief how-to courses
  • Complete curriculums made up of multiple courses
    • E.g. Initial Set-Up
  • Courses that complement the help center

Comsense Academy is for all customers including new customers during implementation and veteran customers looking for a refresher course. Access to Comsense Academy is available to all Comsense customers at no extra cost. See our growing list of courses in the Comsense Academy Course Directory.

The goal of Comsense Academy is to supplement training from implementers, help from support, and articles from the help center. The courses are designed to provide information that is applicable to all users, however, each company using Comsense is unique and may require additional instruction. Always address any company-specific needs with your implementer or support.

Accessing Comsense Academy

After you Enroll in Comsense Academy, Log in at

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Image 1: Comsense Academy Landing Page

Navigating the Comsense Academy Dashboard

Successful login brings you to the Comsense Academy dashboard. Each tile navigates to our courses or various resources.

Top Row Tiles

The top row of dashboard tiles include:

  • Resume 
    • Opens your most recently accessed course or curriculum
  • My Courses 
    • Opens a list of all courses or curriculums you are enrolled in
  • Catalog
    • Opens the catalog of all of our courses and curriculums
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Image 2: Dashboard Top Row Tiles

Bottom Row Tiles

The bottom row of dashboard tiles include:

  • Help Center
    • Links to our help center
  • Release Notes
    • Links directly to our most recent release notes article
  • Resources
    • Lists all downloads and links from our courses
  • FAQ
    • Answers frequently asked questions for our LMS
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Image 3: Dashboard Bottom Row Tiles

Search Bar

Search all contents of Comsense Academy using the search bar in the top ribbon.

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Image 4: Search Bar Button

The search bar brings up any resources, content (including specific videos or course objects), and courses that contain your search text. In the search results you can:

  • Open resources
  • Launch content (from courses)
  • Enroll or resume courses or curriculums
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Image 5: Search Text Field

Recommended Courses

A ribbon of recommended courses is below the bottom tiles. The recommendations are based on your last completed course. The ribbon does not display if you have not completed a course.

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Image 6: Recommended Courses

Using Absorb's Navigation Tools

My Courses, Catalog, Search Results, and Resources have navigation tools to customize the page display and navigation and to filter courses and curriculums.

Refine Filter

The Refine Filter tool is in My Courses, Catalog, Search Results, and Resources. The filter options are different on each page. Use the Refine Filter tool to add filter criteria to your search. To access the filters, Click the Refine Filter button and Apply filters accordingly.

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Image 7: Refine Filter Button 
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Image 8: Filter Pane

Show Categories

Show categories is a navigation tool for Catalog and Resources. When categories show, you must click through the categories to access certain courses or resources. Admins assign categories in the backend corresponding with the course curriculum. Comsense Academy automatically uses categories for Catalog and Resources. The images below show the path to access a group of courses by category.

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Image 9: Advantage Set-up Category
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Image 10: Catalog Category
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Image 11: Catalog Courses

Hiding Categories

Hiding categories removes the category folders and lists all the page's content in alphabetical order. To hide categories, Click the Refine Filter button and Toggle off Show Categories.

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Image 12: Refine Filter Button
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Image 13: Show Categories Toggle

Choose View

The Choose View tool is in My Courses, Catalog, Search Results, and Resouces as well as in courses and curriculums. Not all view types are available on each page. The view types include:

Card View

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Image 14: Card View

Detail View

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Image 15: Detail View

List View

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Image 16: List View

Calendar View

Calendar view only shows scheduled in-person or online classes.

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Image 17: Calendar View

Choosing your View

To update the view, Click the Choose View button and Select the desired view.

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Image 18: Choose View Button

Sort Preference

My Courses, Catalog, and Resources have a sort preference field. The Sort Preference field is at the top right of the page. To update your sort preference, Select an option from the Sort Preference field drop-down list.

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Image 19: Sort Preference Drop-Down List

Viewing Course or Curriculum Details

All available courses are on the Catalog page. To view the details of a course before enrolling, Click the Course Title and the course content overview will open.

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Image 20: Course Title
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Image 21: Course Content

Enrolling in a Course or Curriculum

To enroll in a course, Click Enroll on the desired course.

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Image 22: Enroll Button

You can access your courses on the My Courses page, the Catalog page, or in the applicable curriculum. To start a course, Click Start.

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Image 23: Start Button

Navigating Curriculums

Curriculums are a curated list of courses that achieve a specific goal. Always complete curriculum courses in order to correctly complete the curriculum. Courses in a curriculum are organized in groups. A curriculum page lists all the courses in order by group.

Click the Course Title to review the course content without enrolling in the course.

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Image 24: Course Title
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Image 25: Course Content

To enroll in a curriculum's course, Click Enroll in the course content window or on the course line item on the curriculum page.

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Image 26: Enroll Button

Stand-alone courses and courses accessed through a curriculum function the same.

Navigating a Course

The top of the course content tab is the course description.

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Image 27: Course Description

Below the course description is a list of all the chapters and their completion status.

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Image 28: Course Content

Resources for a course are accessible on the right pane under Resources or in the Resources tab. Resources include import templates or related articles from our help center.

Click the Resource Title or the Open button to access the resource. Files automatically download to your computer and websites open in a new tab.

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Image 29: Open Resources

Starting a Chapter

To start a chapter in the course, Click Start and the content will open.

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Image 30: Start Chapter Button

To start the video, Click the Play button.

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Image 31: Play Button

Video Functions

Comsense Academy has mainly video content. The video player has functions to assist your learning and access to the videos.

Closed Captions

Each video begins with closed captions by default. To turn off closed captions, Click the CC button and Select Captions Off.

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Image 32: CC & Captions Off

Video Transcriptions

Each video has timed transcriptions. To view the transcription, Click the Lesson Content button in the bottom right corner and the Transcription pane will open on the right side of the video.

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Image 33: Lesson Content Button

To move to a specific part of the video, Click the Transcription Line and the seek bar will jump to that part of the video.

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Image 34: Transcription Line Item

Completing a Video

After completing a video, you can start the next activity or close the activity and resume later.

To start the next course content, Click Next Activity.

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Image 35: New Activity Button

To go back to the Course page, Click Close Activity.

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Image 36: Close Activity Button

Resuming a Course

To resume your last open course, Click Resume on the dashboard.

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Image 37: Resume Button

To resume any course, Click My Courses and Click Resume on the appropriate course.

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Image 38: Resume Button
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