Resolving Discrepancies Between Physical Inventory Count & the WIP Valuation Report

How to: Resolve discrepancies between the physical inventory count and the WIP valuation report.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

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Understanding Discrepancies Between Physical Inventory & the WIP Valuation Report

A discrepancy between physical inventory and the WIP Valuation report occurs when you physically move/manage a product but do not complete the transaction in Comsense. People often only find discrepancies during the physical WIP count. To resolve a discrepancy, you must determine and complete the missing transaction in the system. The protocols to resolve a discrepancy are applicable to all scenarios but the exact procedures may vary for the order or product.

Finding a Discrepancy

Complete a physical count of the WIP inventory in your warehouse and Mark any discrepancies on the WIP count sheet.

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WIP Count sheet; shows a discrepancy on the counted quantity.
Image 1: WIP Count Sheet

Determining the Missing Transaction

It is best to review and determine the order with the missing transaction in WIP Valuation window. The WIP Valuation window displays the valuation values by order number and each order number opens to the project or sales order in the Order Management window.

Accessing WIP Valuation

Enterprise > Inventory/Purchasing > WIP Valuation

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Enterprise Navigation menu; shows the location of Inventory/Purchasing and WIP Valuation.
Image 2: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

In the Select Divisions window, Select the applicable division(s) Using the Selection Tool and Click OK.

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Select Divisions window; shows one assigned division and the location of the OK button.
Image 3: Assigned Divisions

The WIP Valuation window will populate.

Reviewing the Order with a Discrepancy

In the WIP Valuation window:

  1. Stay in the Order tab

In the Order Number field:

  1. Enter the order number
  2. Click the Order Number
    • The Order Management window will open for that order
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WIP Valuation window; shows the location of the Order Number hyperlink.
Image 4: Order Number Hyperlink

In the Order Management window:

  1. Review & Determine the missing transaction in the various Order Management tabs
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Order Management window.
Image 5: Order Management Window
  1. Complete the missing transaction

Completing the Missing Transaction

Complete the missing transaction in the system as you managed the physical product.

Canceled Orders

Unsourcing the Product

For all canceled orders, you must Unsource the Product.

Managing the Unsourced Product

To manage the unsourced product, Complete a Pool to Stock transfer, Pool to Garbage transfer, or Supplier Return.

Shipped Orders

In some cases, you may have physically shipped an order without completing the shipment in the system. For any missed orders, Ship the Product to the Customer.

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