Removing a Work Order from the Shop Schedule

How to: Remove a work order from the shop schedule.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

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Accessing Shop Scheduling

Enterprise > Shop Management > Shop Scheduling

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Enterprise Navigation Menu; shows the location of Shop Management and Shop Scheduling.
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Removing the Work Order

In the Shop Name field:

  1. Select the appropriate shop
    • The Unscheduled Work Order pane will populate
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Shop Scheduling window; shows the location of the down arrow and the drop-down list.
Image 2: Shop Name Drop-Down List

In the Shop Schedule pane:

  1. Click the Blue Line on the activity
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Shop Scheduling window, Schedule pane; shows the location of the blue line on the shop activity.
Image 3: Activity Blue Line

On your keyboard:

  1. Press Delete

In the Delete Appointments dialog box:

  1. Click Yes
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Delete Appointment dialog box; shows the location of the Yes button.
Image 4: Delete Appointments Dialog Box
  1. Click Save & Close

The work order will now be available for scheduling in the Unscheduled Work Orders Pane.

For information on scheduling a work order, see Scheduling a Work Order.

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