Using Sales Order Workflow Security Settings

How to: Apply and use the new sales order workflow security settings.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise (Version and later)

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About Sales Order Workflows

Workflow Function

The sales order workflow feature is a button with a drop-down in the Sales Order window that triggers the system to auto-complete the tasks in the sales order workflow. There are five sales order workflows. Each workflow is defined by the number of steps the workflow completes. See Table 1 for the description of each workflow.

*Note: Sales order workflows only work when the Ship To address is marked as a counter sale. 

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Sales Order window; shows the location of the Sales Order workflow button and drop-down list.
Sales Order Workflows Description
Perform the Ship-Open Workflow Create an open shipment from a sales order
Perform Ship-Released Workflow Create and release a shipment from the sales order
Perform the Ship-Shipped Workflow Create, release, and ship a shipment from the sales order
Perform the Ship-Completed Workflow Create, release, ship, and complete a shipment from the sales order
Perform the Invoice Workflow Create, release, ship, complete, and invoice a shipment from the sales order
Table 1: Sales Order Workflow Descriptions


Workflow Security Settings Update

Security settings are a new feature of sales order workflows that allow more flexible role permissions. Previously, any user with permissions to create a new sales order could trigger any of the sales order workflows. The purpose of the new security settings is to manage which roles can complete sales order shipments and invoicing using the workflow.

Any roles that can create a new shipment, automatically have the following workflow security settings:

  • Perform the Ship-Open workflow
  • Perform Ship-Released workflow
  • Perform Ship-shipped workflow
  • Perform Ship-Completed workflow

Any roles that can create a new invoice, automatically have the Perform the Invoice Workflow security permission.

*Note: If you have shipment or invoicing permissions and no sales order workflow permissions, you cannot use the sales order work flow and vice versa.

If you do not have permission to use the sales order workflow, the button displays with the word "None" and does not trigger a workflow.

Default User Workflow

In addition to workflow security settings, each user can have a default workflow that displays on the workflow button in the Sales Order window. You must have permissions for your default workflow in the Security window for the button to function. Default workflows are set in the User window.

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Sales Order window; shows the default workflow visible on the Sales Order Workflow button.


Updating Sales Order Workflow Security Settings

Only administrators or roles with Security window permissions can update roles to include or exclude the sales order workflow security permissions.

The sales order workflow security settings are in the security window under Order > Sales Order. To add or remove sales order workflow permissions, see Updating Enterprise Security Settings.

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Security window; shows the Sales Order Workflow security settings.


Updating a User's Default Sales Order Workflow

The default workflow for every user is None at the time of user creation. To update a user's default workflow setting, you must update the user profile.

In the User window:

  1. Open the user

In the Default Workflow field:

  1. Select the default workflow
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User window; shows the location of the Default Workflow field and the default workflow options.
  1. Click Save

The selected workflow now display as the default on the workflow button.

Using Sales Order Workflows

In the Sales Order window, Click the Default Workflow button or Click a Workflow from the drop-down list.

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Sales Order window; shows the location of the sales order workflow drop-down list.

The Process Sales Order - Work Flow window will open and the workflow will begin. The complete checkboxes will check after the system completes each stage of the workflow.

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Process Sales Order - Work Flow window; shows all the processes completed.
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