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Environment: Comsense Opening Suite


Release Date: July 4th, 2021

In this release:

New Features

"Apply Default Hardware Preps" & "Apply Default Set Preps" Right-Click Menu Options

The Complete window now has "Apply Default Hardware Preps" and "Apply Default Set Preps" menu options available from the opening line items or the Hardware pane's Door Preps or Frame Preps fields.

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Complete window; shows the Opening line items, Door Prep field, and Frame Prep field as locations you can apply default preps to.

"Apply Default Hardware Preps" and "Apply Default Set Preps" allow users to apply default preps to an individual opening after custom preps have been configured in the project. See Applying Default Preps from the Complete Window for more information on the new menu options.

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Complete window; shows the opening line item right-click menu and the two new default prep application options.

Sales Order Workflow Security Settings

The Sales Order window now has additional security settings to allow or restrict users from using the Sales Order Workflow feature.

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Security window; shows the new Sales Order Workflow Security checkboxes.

With the update, any roles that can create a new shipment, automatically have the following workflow security permissions:

  • Perform the Ship-Open workflow
  • Perform the Ship-Released workflow
  • Perform the Ship-Shipped workflow
  • Perform the Ship-Completed workflow

Any roles that can create a new invoice, automatically have the Perform the Invoice Workflow security permission.

See Using Sales Order Workflow Security Settings for more information on sales order workflows and the new security settings.

Release Notes Window

Comsense now has a Release Notes window. The Release Notes window automatically opens on the first run after a software update. To hide the Release Note window until the next update, Check the Do Not Show Again checkbox. 

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Release Notes window; shows the location of the Do Not Show Again checkbox.

Users can open the window at any time from the Help menu in Advantage.

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Comsense Advantage; shows the pathway to open the Release Notes window.


  • Performance Enhancements to:
    • Advantage Pricing window
    • WIP transfer window
    • Modify Products tool in the Hardware window
    • Door and Frame Catalog Maintenance windows
    • Orders Management window
  • System now maps Windows usernames to Comsense usernames.
  • EDI configuration settings now has the option to create purchase order EDIs when products are missing required properties.
  • The Bank Account List window now has a "Unique Check Numbers" checkbox. 
    • The checkbox requires each check from the bank account have a unique number.
    • This option is enabled by default with the update.
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Bank Account List window; shows the Unique Check Numbers column and checked checkboxes.
  • Enterprise reports now has a Wood Door Purchase Order - Version 2 that includes columns for series and edge attributes.
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Report Management window; shows the location of Wood Door Purchase Order - Version 2 with the criteria descriptions and parameters.
  • ASSA Abloy AAOS project importer now has data validation checks.
    • Data validation checks prevent the import from running if there are invalid values in the following fields: Opening Type, Opening Hand, Opening Size, Door Manufacturer Code, and Frame Manufacturer Code.
    • The validation message includes a list of all invalid values and the location of the values.
  • Added an Unsourced ID to the:
    • Order and Product tab in the WIP Valuation window
    • WIP tab in the Order Management window
  • Elevation window and Elevation Costing window now have a project lock.
  • Disabled the inhouse supplier settings in the Supplier Record window.
    • The change prevents numerous issues caused by incorrect use of this setting.
    • Contact support to request an inhouse supplier configuration.
  • Product Change Wizard no longer replaces products in headings where the product is already sourced.
    • Headings with sourced product will not be an option in the Select Headings step of the wizard.
  • Bid Proposal report now has a Terms & Conditions parameter.
  • Purchase order positions now have the option of carriage return as the delimiter.
  • New user accounts have the New Submittal and Advantage Reports enabled by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Elevations changed from BYO to not-BYO in a change order no longer go missing from the Pricing window and Enterprise.
    • This fix is not retroactive.
    • Contact support if this bug has affected a project.
  • Corrected an error that caused intermittent crashing of the Comsense Reports application when opening.
  • Added a check to prevent spaces in project codes.
  • New projects no longer auto-select obsolete images.
    • This fix is not retroactive.
  • BYO and IBO flags no longer fail to sync across all openings in a:
    • Hardware set
    • Heading where the hardware item has handing
  • Suppliers can no longer be configured with a Remit-To supplier of a different currency.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed shipments to ship when the customer had insufficient credit.
  • Fixed an issue where reopening the costing window incorrectly calculated elevation costing.
  • The new Hardware Schedule submittal/report now prints opening details for headings when there is no hardware in the heading.
  • Steelcraft Purchase Orders in Advantage now print with no errors.
  • Hardware list in the Complete window now always populates in the correct order.
    • If Automatic Hardware Sorting is enabled in the User Preference window, the hardware will follow DHI sequence.
  • Addressed an issue where WIP transfers caused bad data and errors when loading the Order Management window or WIP valuation.
  • Door and frame products on change orders no longer become $0.00 after an annual catalog update.
  • Pricing can no longer be run when a change to an elevation has not been costed.
  • Locked elevations on change orders no longer prevent the Pricing window from successfully running.
  • Changing the elevation costing method from Elevation (or Manual) to Automatic now clears the preps from the elevation.
  • Corrected an issue with changing the elevation costing method in the Elevations window.
    • To change elevation costing, users must Right-click on the Elevation Costing Method field and Select the appropriate costing method from the menu.
  • Reports now print/preview in PDF format without failure.
  • Modified Short Descriptions now display on Hardware Schedules when using the New Submittal tool.
  • Corrected frame prep jamb number assignments.
    • Jamb 1 refers to the Hinge Jamb for Single Openings and the Active Jamb for Double Openings
    • Jamb 2 refers to the Strike Jamb for Single Openings and the Inactive Jamb for Double Openings
  • Managed products can now only be created by users with the correct security settings.
  • Ceco Frame Request for Quote now prints without failure.
  • Wood Door Quote Request now populates SGL/PR and Leaf # columns.
  • Submittal Hardware Set report now works correctly in SpecWriter.
  • All images correctly populate in the submittal Images report.
  • Miscellaneous Items can no longer have a negative cost in the Pricing window.
  • Pricing window no longer remains in Read-Only mode when changing between sold change orders and unsold change orders.
  • Changing a project from lump sum to line item pricing now clears the freight % and freight cost applied in the Project Pricing tab and distributes that cost across all items in the corresponding cost groups.
  • Admin Only mode requires a member of the Comsense Support team to disable.
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