National Guard (NA) - Brand Guide

Per Inch Pricing

Per National Guard, products in the price book are listed with per-foot prices but are actually sold per inch. Sized products that do not fall on the foot increment (2', 3', 4', etc.) are to be priced per-inch with the posted per-foot price divided by 12. 

Previous Pricing Discrepancies

As of NA update 22-1, we made a required change in how National Guard prices their products.

In our previous catalog database versions, we supported products with per-foot pricing as indicated in the price book. For example, a 25" product with a $12/foot list price would previously price at $36 (3 increments of the $12 per-foot charge).

After applying update 22-1, this product will price as $25, or the list price divided by 12 then multiplied by 25.

In order to make National Guard's required change, we needed to change the base units of measure for these products. 

Because of this change, we encourage users to please verify the pricing for any existing National Guard products using "Previous Pricing." 


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