Complete Opening Detail Report Parameters

Report Name: Complete Opening Detail 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14

Report Description: The Complete Opening Detail report details all the selected project openings. The opening details include all the information in the Complete window such as opening number, quantity, hardware set, door information, and frame information.

Available for Submittal: No

Environment: Comsense Advantage (Version and later)

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About Report Parameters

Report parameters customize the report format and certain text fields such as header notes and footer notes. Comsense's default report settings streamline report parameters but still maintain flexibility.

Default report settings auto-populate the report parameter fields in the Reports window. You can set or update default report settings in the Report Management window under the report settings. You do not need to use the preset report defaults on each report you generate. You can update the pre-populated fields at the time of report generation.

Complete Opening Detail Report Parameter Descriptions

Parameter Description Field Type
Openings Defines the openings included in the report. Search Field
Save Format Defines the save file type e.g. Word, PDF, XPS, or Excel. Drop-down List

Parameter Locations

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Complete Opening Detail Report; shows the location of the selected opening numbers and selected opening details.
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