Size Required Field Update

Update: Size Required Field options for any maintained catalogs.

Environment: Comsense Advantage (Version and later)

Purpose: Improve the descriptions of the Size Required field options.

What's new: 

About the Size Required Field Options

The Size Required field options define the format of product measurements. By default, the S (Square) option follows the kickplate formatting of HxW. The new options describe the meaning of each option in more detail. Orientation indicators are the height (h) and width (w) labels. 

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Special Product window; shows the Size Required drop-down list.

Our catalogs team will update any incorrectly oriented Comsense-maintained products over time as they complete catalog updates.

Square Dimensions

Comsense has four square dimension options detailed in the table below. Examples of products that require square dimensions are kick plates, push plates, mirrors, etc. 

Linear Dimensions

Comsense has two linear dimensions options detailed in the table below. If you add one dimension for Linear A, the size looks the same as Linear because it only has one dimension. If you enter two dimensions, Linear A includes the height (h) or width (w). Examples of products that require linear dimensions are weatherstripping, thresholds, etc.

Size Required Field Options

*Note: The new Size Required options function the same as the legacy Size Required options.

Legacy Size Required Options New Size Required Options
S (Square) Square HxW, without Orientation Indicators
B (Square B) Square WxH, without Orientation Indicators
C (Square C) Square WxH, with Orientation Indicators
D (Square D) Square HxW, with Orientation Indicators
L (Linear) Linear without Orientation Indicators
A (Linear A) Linear with Orientation Indicators
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